Logic products from Diodes Incorporated provide upgrade for industry standard parts

7th June 2010
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Diodes Incorporated has released its very first family of single-gate logic products. Built on an advanced 5V CMOS process and offering performance enhancements over existing alternatives, the 74LVC1Gxx series provides users with the eight most popular standard logic functions in SOT25 and SOT353 package options, and the 74LVCE1Gxx series offers enhanced performance versions of these same functions.
Suitable for use in a variety of communication, computing, consumer and networking equipment, the initial offering covers AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, inversion and buffering functions. The single-gate products are cost effective replacements for industry standard parts in point-of-application general purpose logic, level shifting and signal isolation applications.

At 1.65V to 5.5V, the operating voltage range of the 74LVC1Gxx series is wide, enabling it to support both portable battery operated and traditional 5V applications. To address higher performance application requirements, the 74LVCE1Gxx extended specification products operate down to 1.4V, and provide a 30% enhancement in switching speeds at 1.8V as compared to the standard LVC family. Both families have 5.5V tolerant inputs, enabling the creation of voltage translation solutions.

In many applications, the logic products will draw less than 1µA of supply current, ensuring low power consumption. Their IOFF output circuitry means that the output is disabled when the device is powered down, preventing damaging backflow current from entering the device or unnecessarily loading shared signal lines.

Dr. Keh-Shew Lu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Diodes Incorporated said, Demand for single gate logic is growing very rapidly as the need for traditional 4 gate logic wanes. Many suppliers though don't have ownership of low pin-count assembly lines and are finding themselves on increasingly long allocation. Diodes has a world-class assembly facility that's well suited to the manufacture of low pin-count SOT25 and SOT353 packages. We're pleased to be able to leverage this capability to provide users with an alternative source of quality, high-performance logic products.

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