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SlashNext launches intelligent phishing APIs to protect brands

16th December 2020
Lanna Deamer

SlashNext has announced the release of its 2.0 Real time Phishing Defense APIs, designed to protect the reputation and brands of internet, messaging, hosting and cloud services from the exponential growth and dangers of phishing attacks worldwide. SlashNext also announced the free community version of its API designed for threat hunters, researchers and incident response teams to detect and respond to targeted phishing threats, while protecting their companies from harmful brand squatting scams and attacks.

Phishing continues to explode in 2020, particularly with the shift to remote learning, working and playing, converging work and personal lives on the same device. Globally, phishers are using fake login scams, scareware tactics, fraudulent ads and rogue software downloads as attack payloads.

They are attacking in and outside of email using SMS/iMessage, social networks, new collaboration, video conferencing and gaming services, significantly affecting the brands and reputations of businesses, consumers and service providers alike.

"Millions of people have experienced examples of brand attacks whether it is the scary email scam, to 'change your password' from your bank or the fake 'pick up your package' text message from USPS or Amazon," said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. "The explosion of these and many more phishing attacks is having a dramatic effect on the brands and reputations of companies and internet services.  Our lightning-fast, scalable and highly accurate APIs are designed to scan, detect and prevent phishing attacks before they happen, protecting the brands and reputations of the services that people depend on around the world."

SlashNext's Real-time Phishing Defense APIs lead the industry with the greatest speed of threat detection at internet scale, while driving 99.07% detection accuracy and a one-in-one million false positive rate, enabling customers to be fully protected. The APIs allow organisations offering secure email and messaging services, email marketing, hosting and cloud services to easily plug into the SlashNext 2.0 AI Detection Engine.

The APIs detect external phishing attacks in milliseconds, whether internally hosted or embedded in services, including shortened URLs and URL redirects. When necessary, full scanning and forensics are available to quickly preempt phishing attempts before they land. Customers can also leverage the APIs to automate take-down services with playbooks designed to protect the world's largest brands. 

SlashNext Real Time APIs, Available in Three Levels of Service

SlashNext offers unparalleled performance designed with a unified API interface to integrate into our industry partners' platforms and services. 

  • Real Time Phishing Lookup API - Lookup URLs in milliseconds to block zero-hour phishing URLs at speed and scale, using billions of URL lookups per day/tenant.
  • Real Time Phishing Scan API - Real time intelligence lookup plus dynamic scanning with hundreds of millions of URL lookups per day/tenant blocks spear phishing and targeted phishing attacks.
  • Real Time Phishing Forensics API - Rich forensic data including screenshots, threat status, URLs, HTML and text downloads enable users to carefully plan a strategy to remediate sites or takedown threat sources. 

Free Community Edition

The free community version of the Real-time Phishing Forensics API is available for threat hunters, researchers and incident response teams to use up to 50 requests per day, providing a definitive verdict plus forensics data, including screenshots, HTML and rendered text combined with reporting artifacts. Learn more here.  

"We are excited to include SlashNext's participation in our ecosystem of threat detection engines," said Steve Bassi, CEO of PolySwarm. "This further expands our clients' coverage against zero-hour, evasive phishing threats, thanks to their powerful AI/ML technology with virtual dynamic analysis." 

The Largest Phishing Database with Unparallel 2.0 Detection and Pre-Emptive Protection 

SlashNext has developed AI-driven phishing 2.0 protection, superior to legacy 1.0 tactics like domain reputation, URL inspection and human forensics.  he SlashNext AI phishing detection cloud with patented SEER technology has the industry's largest phishing database, delivering 99.07% accuracy and one-in-one million false positives.

SlashNext inspects billions of internet transactions and millions of suspicious URLs daily using virtual browsers to detect zero-hour phishing attacks across all communication channels up to 30 days before they are live. When phishing campaigns are launched, the threats are already blocked by SlashNext, and users are protected immediately.

The APIs are available now through subscription and pricing is based on packages by volume per call requests.

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