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Cigent and Swissbit announce partnership to enhance endpoint data security

30th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

Cigent, a provider of endpoint data protection solutions, and Swissbit, a manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure storage drives designed to safeguard endpoint data against a growing landscape of cyber threats.

This collaboration addresses the urgent market requirements for improved data security on endpoint devices, where a significant majority of sensitive data resides and is frequently targeted by cyber threats.

In today’s digital age, sensitive data continues to reside on endpoint devices, with a staggering 73% containing critical information. These devices remain vulnerable to both remote attacks and physical breaches, with a laptop stolen every 53 seconds on average. Traditional data protection methods are failing to keep pace as 70% of data loss incidents originate from compromised endpoints. The rise of AI-powered attacks further necessitates a paradigm shift beyond “detect and respond” strategies, demanding a focus on immutable data protection.

Cigent and Swissbit: a powerful combination

The new partnership brings together Cigent’s endpoint data protection expertise with Swissbit’s proven track record as a leading European manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions for demanding applications. The result will be a portfolio of secure storage drives designed to deliver unparalleled data security that safeguards endpoint data from remote or physical threats even if a device has been compromises.
According to Kai Imgenberg, Director Sales Embedded IoT Solutions Americas at Swissbit: “Swissbit and Cigent’s partnership uniquely combines Swissbit’s tamper-resistant hardware with Cigent’s best-in-class encryption software, offering an unmatched level of data security for end-to-end protection. Customers can benefit from a single, unified solution that simplifies secure data storage and access across their entire infrastructure.”

Unparalleled protection with minimal disruption

Cigent and Swissbit are currently developing secure storage drives that will provide a unique combination of robust protection and user-friendliness. These upcoming solutions are designed to ensure data security without compromising the user experience and will require minimal IT intervention thanks to their innovative “set and forget” capabilities.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Zero-trust data access: enforces policy-driven multi-factor authentication (MFA) for verified, trust-based access control to ensure that files remain shielded from unauthorised access.
  • Hidden drives: data is rendered unreadable at the sector level until unlocked with MFA, even after a user logs on to the device.
  • Pre-boot authentication (PBA) with Swissbit FIDO token iShield Key Pro: PBA significantly bolsters protection against physical attacks by requiring authentication through a secure Swissbit FIDO token.
  • Verified data erasure: guarantees that every data block is permanently erased, enabling safe device repurposing and recycling. Provides verifiable confirmation of emergency data deletion. Data erasure can be executed locally or via remote wipe functionality.

Availability at RSA Conference 2024

Both Cigent and Swissbit will be showcasing their solutions at the upcoming RSA Conference 2024. Visit Cigent at booth #6279 and Swissbit at booth #5270 to learn more about this partnership and how it empowers organisations to achieve unshakable endpoint data security.

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