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Heimdal announces the launch of PASM

9th April 2024
Harry Fowle

Heimdal has announced the launch of its Privileged Account and Session Management (PASM) solution.

Designed to elevate the security of privileged accounts, Heimdal's PASM grants organizations the ability to meticulously monitor, record, and manage all privileged activities, providing unparalleled insights into high-level permission user behaviour.

PASM adds to the company’s existing Privilege Access Management suite, which also includes Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) and Application Control.  

Heimdal's PASM stands out with best-in-class features that protect privileged accounts and sessions:

  • Enterprise Credential Vault: Securely stores connection passwords, ensuring safe credential management.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Sharing, & Role-Based Access Control: Enhances security with Azure Directory login and controlled password sharing.
  • Dynamic Just-in-Time Access: Optimizes permissions management and minimizes risks associated with over-privileged accounts.
  • Discovery & Onboarding of Privileged Users & Machines: Facilitates secure remote access, streamlining the onboarding process.
  • Session Isolation & Segmentation: Prevents lateral movement by isolating privileged sessions.
  • Comprehensive Session Audit Trails: Offers detailed logging and reporting for adherence to security and compliance standards.

Heimdal's PASM is tailored for organizations with complex IT infrastructures that manage a wide range of applications, servers, and devices and have a large number of privileged users. This includes those in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and energy.

Heimdal also caters to enterprises looking to prioritize their cybersecurity posture, boost their operational efficiency, and manage risks associated with sophisticated cyber threats. 

Morten Kjaersgaard, Heimdal’s CEO, says: "We're taking the fight to traditional point leadership vendors like CyberArk, who operate in this space. I believe everyone will put everything onto one platform, and Heimdal has the widest one in the world with 13.

"The stakes with privileged accounts have never been higher. A compromised account can grant attackers unprecedented access, leading to potential system sabotage.

“Our dedication to innovation and security excellence inspired Heimdal PASM's creation, offering our clients a flagship product that not only meets the current demands but also anticipates future challenges.”

Nabil Nistar, Heimdal’s Director of Strategy and Portfolio, says: “PASM's offers a dual benefit for organizations: it enables crucial IT work to proceed without interruption while also boosting security measures to protect against both internal and external threats.

“We’re enhancing Heimdal's XDR suite by providing broad protection across emails and endpoints, ensuring both small and large organizations receive cohesive, scalable defence.”

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