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Specialist book on fundamentals of reflow soldering

30th April 2019
Alex Lynn

Plumbing the depths of reflow technology with the specialist books of Dr Hans Bell (Rehm Thermal Systems): in the wake of four successful volumes, the publication of the fifth marks the final part in the Rehm series ‘Reflow technology – Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering’. 

At the upcoming SMTconnect event, all those who are interested will have the opportunity to have their books signed on the 8th May from 10:30 am onwards by the authors Hans Bell, Günter Grossmann, Helmut Öttl and Martin Oppermann at the Rehm stand (Hall 4A to 100).

"We shall see what we shall see": It seems as if Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777–1855, German mathematician) had some sense of the disasters encountered on a daily basis when working with electronic assemblies when he said: "I already have the results, now I merely need to know how to arrive at them".

In this fifth volume of the Rehm series ‘Reflow technology – Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering’, entitled ‘Possibilities and Limits in the Analysis of Solder Joints’, Günter Grossmann, Martin Oppermann and Helmut Öttl explain many of the analytical processes and techniques used in the manufacture of electronic products in a brilliantly straightforward manner. It should help many to understand which tool is best suited to which application and, ultimately, the significance of analytical results.

The fifth volume (in German language) in the Rehm series will be presented at SMTconnect on Wednesday 8th May from 10:30 am onwards in Hall 4A, Stand 100 (Rehm Thermal Systems). The first four volumes of these handbooks on the topic of ‘Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering’, covering the subjects of ‘Fundamentals of Materials Technology in the Field of Soldering’, ‘Reflow Soldering Methods’, ‘Reliability and Failure Management’, ‘The Consequences of Continuos Miniaturization’ as well as the new volume ‘Possibilities and Limits in the Analysis of Solder Joints’ (at first only in German) can also be ordered by email via Volumes 1 to 4 cost €48 each, whilst the 5th volume costs €58.

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