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Electrolube IPA wipes for general purpose

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), demand for alcohol-based sanitising products has increased sharply, leading to global shortages of isopropyl alcohol. Electrolube has seen a dramatic rise in demand for its IPA wipes, IPA100, which quickly sold out globally amidst the pandemic due to their high isopropanol content.

However, the company is pleased to announce the pre-saturated cleaning wipes are back in stock and can be used for a diverse range of cleaning requirements.

Electrolube IPA100 are tough lint-free wipes in a handy tub of 100 for any engineer or design engineer’s workbench. Made up of 70% Isopropanol and 30% demineralised water, they are designed to wipe away the toughest of materials such as thermal pastes, greases, solder pastes and other spillages from the work bench or from the PCB during rework and repair.

The IPA100 wipes are not only ideal for all general cleaning applications, but due to their high isopropyl alcohol concentration, they ensure highly effective disinfection. IPA100 helps penetrate the cell wall of viruses more completely to infiltrate the entire cell, congeal all proteins and kill the microorganism. 

Isopropanol is an internationally approved solvent, which cleans to standards required by major electronics manufacturers. The IPA100 wipes demonstrate excellent cleaning and degreasing properties in one easy cleaning step, leaving a clean, dry surface without any residue.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “Electrolube’s IPA100 pre-saturated cleaning wipes have become integral to so many workplaces, for a variety of different cleaning purposes. We are delighted to be able to announce that this versatile product is back in stock, at a much needed time for everyone.

“As an electro-chemicals manufacturer, we are doing our best to meet the sharp increase in demand, which has presented its own challenges due to global shortages of isopropyl alcohol, and we are making every effort to prop up and supply as much product and support as possible for our customers by using all of our multiple manufacturing resources, as quickly as possible.”

When it comes to maintaining a clean, hygienic and disinfected environment, IPA100 wipes are an efficient and effective solution to removing contaminants.

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