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Bostik launches new range of engineering adhesives

3rd July 2020
Alex Lynn

The range of engineering adhesives includes new, low-odor formulations, which enable a more comfortable manufacturing environment, and low-blooming solutions. Blooming is the effect of adhesive being squeezed out between parts being assembled and causing staining.

It is a critical factor to avoid for manufacturers of high-tech electronics and communication devices where miniaturization of parts is creating new design and manufacturing challenges.

Polivio Goncalves, Bostik’s Global Market Manager for Engineering Adhesives, has said the instant engineering adhesives launched as the first in the range raise the bar for all-round performance: “Designers and manufacturers are facing critical challenges such as the need to minimise the effects of blooming and the need for a more adaptable and faster curing process, while meeting more demanding environmental and health and safety regulations.

“Born2Bond will enable customers to improve efficiencies, increase design opportunities and enhance sustainability, making it easier for them to manufacture better, safer and ever more innovative products.”

Instant adhesives are used extensively in manufacturing, but with the launch of new, affordable MECA-based products in the first wave of the Born2Bond range, many of the principal challenges have been addressed.

They retain the advantages of rapid strong bonding on most materials, yet overcome the disadvantages of part staining, the need for special ventilated manufacturing zones and expensive high accuracy dispense equipment or post cleaning. They are attractive options for manufacturers of small electronic products who may have dismissed the use of such adhesives because no cost-effective alternative was previously available.

“The name Born2Bond reflects our products and our purpose, but also reflects our collaborative approach; we’re developing these next-generation products in association with our customers to ensure we create the solutions they need,” Polivio added.

With a global market potential of €7bn, Bostik plans to launch additional product offerings within its Born2Bond portfolio, including HM-PUR and other urethane acrylates, providing a comprehensive service for evolving application needs.

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