HDMI transceivers distribute HD audio & video

10th January 2014
Staff Reporter

Enabling the distribution of HD audio and video content across a range of systems, three HDMI crosspoint transceivers were unveiled by ADI at the 2014 CES. The ADV7625 and ADV7626 crosspoint transceivers include up to five HDMI inputs and up to two HDMI outputs and support full audio extraction and insertion (SPDIF and 8-channel I2S audio) for each video channel.

Similar products require an extra component to carry a second audio channel, whereas the two latest devices from ADI allow for the extraction and re-insertion of audio from and to each HDMI data stream. This means audio can be processed and re-inserted into the video stream, rendered locally or switched independently.

“We designed Analog Devices’ ADV7625, ADV7626 and ADV7627 into multiple video distribution products that support UHD in the professional audio-visual and consumer home markets,” commented Justin Kennington, technology manager, DigitalMedia at Crestron, the leading provider of control and automation systems. “We have a long-standing relationship with Analog Devices that, combined with their high-performance components and support, helps us to continually advance our product offerings and maintain market share leadership.”

Also unveiled was an UHD video signal processor that is able to upscale and downscale between SD (480i), ED (480p), HD (720p, 1080i and 1080p), and UHD (2160p) video formats. The UHD NatureVue ADV8005 video signal processor supports multiple screen resolutions across two simultaneous video streams in applications ranging from A/V receivers and HDMI splitters to commercial video distribution systems and digital signage. The new processor can internally generate a high quality, bitmap-based OSD that allows designers to easily incorporate features such as scrolling text and animation in color depths up to 24-bit true color. It also accepts OSD information from an external source, such as a graphics processing unit.

The ADV8005 video signal processor has a flexible digital core that allows designers to configure the part in several different modes, including single- and dual-channel video processing. The ADV8005 video signal processor can be used with the ADV7625 family of HDMI transceivers.

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