Phoenix Contact M12 connectors with push-pull locking

1st July 2020
Alex Lynn

Phoenix Contact has extended its portfolio of M12 connectors with push-pull fast locking system: the A-, D-, and L-coded device connectors with pin contacts are available with the appropriate push-pull housing screw connections for SMD and THR processes. Alternatively, there are also versions for wave soldering.

The push-pull device plugs with pre-assembled litz wires are suitable for longer distances inside the device. The corresponding field connectors for assembly intended for signal transmission (A-coded) and for data transmission in accordance with CAT5 (D-coded) have crimp connections for conductor cross sections up to 0.34 mm² or 1 mm².

The fast locking system works without tools, simply by plugging in. The user receives clear feedback of secure connection: the mechanism springs back when the connectors are not snapped into place properly. The cross-manufacturer compatibility of this principle ensures high availability worldwide.

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