Compact USB 3.0 Dual-Port Jack for Future-Proof Designs

8th September 2009
ES Admin
The demands placed on USB-3.0 plugs and jacks requires that they must be able to transfer data at a gross rate of up to 5 gigabits per second (SuperSpeed mode). Until now, the maximum theoretical rate for USB connections was 480 megabits per second. Furthermore, the new USB components must be backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
As member of the USB implementers' organization, SUYIN is always on top of the latest changes and ready to develop new products that meet the specification standards. For example, the compact USB-3.0/type-A dual-port jack (2 x 9 contacts) with the part number 020051MR018S500ZR fully complies with all physical and technical requirements for USB 3.0. The standard version features high-end gold plating (0.76 µm) in the contact area.

Special features include the low contact resistance of 20 mΩ (typical), the high insulation resistance of 1000 MΩ (initial) and the excellent durability of 5,000 mating cycles. The stacked dual-port USB-3.0 jack is provided in a right-angled design for through-hole mounting. A single-jack version for USB 3.0 is currently in the design stage.

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