Fibre optic connector stands up to harsh environments

13th December 2019
Mick Elliott

A fibre optic connector recently launched by rugged connector and component manufacturer Bulgin is in stock at RS Components. Specifically designed and manufactured for use in harsh environments, the 6000 Series fibre LC duplex connector has IP69K and IP68-rated sealing caps, providing high levels of protection against dirt and water ingress.

If necessary, it can be fully submersed for up to two weeks at a depth of 10m.

The connectors accommodate industry standard LC interfaces as per IEC 61754-20. In addition, the Mil-Tac quality cable ensures the connector is suitable for any type of harsh environment where deployment and retrieval for reuse may be required.

6000 Series connectors are capable of working over the temperature range -25ºC to +70ºC and, for marine applications, they meet the requirements of EN 60068-2-52 for salt mist (cyclic) for marine severity level 1.

Featuring a secure 30° twist-lock connection, the new connectors offer durable, strong and reliable mechanical mating.

The rugged housing is made from thermo-resistant plastic and measures 32mm in diameter with a maximum length of 78.4mm.

The 6000 Series LC duplex connector is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including outdoor television broadcast, FTTX (fibre to the x), server room engineering, civil engineering, aviation and railway.

With extremely low insertion loss that averages <0.1 dB and never exceeds 0.2 dB, the connectors offer high performance as well as reliability, regardless of the application environment.

An additional optical fibre connection is included for applications where separate transmit and receive cables are required.

In comparison to a simplex optical fibre cable and connector, the additional glass fibre on the duplex cable can also be used as a redundant data path in mission-critical applications, or to double the data transmission capabilities where the ultimate throughput is required.

The connector is offered by RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions either with pre-assembled patch cords or assembly kits for termination in the field.

Kits are also available for inline and chassis connectors in order to build the sealed harsh-environment connector around a standard LC duplex interface.

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