Ethernet connectors with integrated magnetics offer improved performance at a lower cost

9th March 2006
ES Admin
DT Electronics announces an expanded range of 10 Base-T, 100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet connectors. New options for each type include integral USB connectors, power-over-Ethernet connections and built-in LEDs for status indication.
Integrating the magnetics within the connectors improves performance, particularly in high-speed data applications. The shorter signal paths created when using these components enables better filtering which improves signal integrity and maximises data transmission distances. The high degree of integration in these connectors reduces the number of external components, cutting inventory requirements. It also saves board space and reduces manufacturing costs.

All of the connector are UL listed and comply with relevant IEEEE standards. They are available in a wide range of formats from single port to 2 x 8 format. A selection guide and cross-reference to other manufacturers’ products is available.

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