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9th April 2010
Marvell expands agreement with Nu Horizons to UK

Marvell has expanded its distribution agreement with Nu Horizons Electronics to the UK, giving the company full franchised rights for Marvell's complete product portfolio of switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless and storage solutions. Nu Horizons now represents Marvell in the UK, Germany, Austria, the US, Canada, Mexico and India.

9th April 2010
Nu Horizons Electronics Named Global Distributor for Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor announced that effective immediately Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. (NASDAQ: NUHC) will distribute the full range of Lattice products on a global basis. Nu Horizons currently distributes Lattice products throughout the Asia Pacific region.

24th March 2010
Mobile SDRAM range from Nu Horizons offers lower voltage and power options

ISSI's PowerSaver Mobile SDRAM range is now available from Nu Horizons. The range includes 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512Mbit mobile SDRAMs that offer lower voltage and power options than standard SDRAMs at high data rates. The PowerSaver range features low standby current with self-refresh options to maximise battery life and reduce heat in mobile device applications. 1.8, 2.5 and 3.3V options are available with industrial and commercial temperature r...

11th March 2010
Nu Horizons launches industry's fastest PCIe 2.0 UART series

Nu Horizons Electronics announces the availability of the industry's fastest PCIe 2.0 UARTs from Exar, with serial data rates up to 25Mbps. The XR17V352/354/358 XR17V352/354/358 series offers designers of advanced low voltage and low power boards a complete single-chip endpoint solution, eliminating the requirement for external PCIe-PCI bridge and thereby reducing component count. Additionally, the XR17V352, at 9mm x 9mm is the smallest two-chan...

24th February 2010
Compact, high efficiency 275W AC-DC converter series from Nu Horizons saves power and space, reduces system cooling requirements

N2Power's XL275 series of I2C-enabled 275W AC-DC converters is now available from Nu Horizons. N2Power's proprietary packaging technology gives this family its high efficiency (up to 90%) and small 3 x 5 footprint. The very low profile yields an industry-leading 12.22 watts per cubic inch power density. These high efficiency power supplies reduce wasted energy and require little forced air cooling, saving power and space in OEM applications such ...

26th November 2009
Nu Horizons announces high-rel Virtex-5Q FPGA family for high performance aerospace and defence applications

Xilinx Virtex-5Q FPGAs, developed specifically for the high-reliability aerospace and defence markets, are now available from Nu Horizons. Based on Xilinx's proven commercial Virtex-5 FPGAs, the Virtex-5Q family offers greater operational temperature ranges off-the-shelf to fit the needs of the aerospace and defense customer base as well as ruggedised packaging for protection against tin-whiskering and harsh manufacturing processes. Mask-set cont...

1st July 2009
USB 2.0 UARTs from Nu Horizons feature an internal 48MHZ clock with no need for external crystal

Now available from Nu Horizons are Exar's latest UARTs featuring a USB 2.0 compliant interface, the XR21V1410/V1412/V1414 series. These single, dual, and quad-channel UARTs are fully compliant to the Full Speed USB 2.0 USB interface specification and support 12 Mbps USB data transfer rate. The product series targets a large cross-section of embedded and consumer applications. Examples of embedded applications are gaming systems, ATM machines, ind...

16th June 2009
FPGA family from Nu Horizons integrates connectivity standards for cost-sensitive low-power applications

Available shortly from Nu Horizons is the next generation of Xilinx’s Spartan FPGAs for cost-sensitive applications. The eleven-member Spartan-6 family delivers expanded densities ranging from 3,400 to 148,000 logic cells, with half the power consumption of previous Spartan families and faster, more comprehensive connectivity. There are two FPGA platforms within the Spartan-6 family.

2nd June 2009
Exar’s wireless UART chipset eliminates cables for serial or parallel interfaces

Exar’s wireless UART chipset is now available from Nu Horizons. The chipset comprises a low-power single-chip transceiver, the XR18W753, and a wireless UART controller, the XR18W750, connected via an I2C bus master interface. By replacing cabled connections in industrial environments, the Exar solution increases equipment mobility, simplifies installations, and accelerates time to market.

1st May 2009
High density DC-DC converter modules from Nu Horizons

The latest line of high density, non-isolated board-mount DC-DC converters from Emerson Network Power is now available from Nu Horizons. Designed for space sensitive applications, the LGA C series offers a cost-effective, surface-mount power solution capable of delivering 15-100W of scalable power via a low profile land grid array package.

15th January 2009
10PPM MEMS Oscillator available at Nu Horizons

Nu Horizons Electronics announces the availability of SiTime’s SiT9102, the world's first differential output MEMS oscillator with ultra-high frequency stability of +/-10 PPM. The SiT9102 has been introduced along with the SiT9103 and SiT9104, 3-PLL programmable clock generators with an embedded MEMS resonator.

24th October 2008
I2C stepping motor driver from Nu Horizons

ON Semiconductor's AMIS-30624 I2C stepping motor driver is now available from Nu Horizons. The AMIS-30624 is a single-chip micro-stepping motor driver with a position controller and control/diagnostic interface. It is intended for use in intelligent peripheral systems where up to 32 drivers can be connected to one I2C master, significantly reducing system complexity.

8th October 2008
AC/DC switchers from Nu Horizons

Available from Nu Horizons Electronics, the Astec iMP series of switching power supplies features sophisticated digital management capabilities, giving designers the ability to tailor solutions precisely to their individual needs. The series includes single, dual, and triple output modules in power ratings from 600W to 1500W.

2nd October 2008
Emulator from Nu Horizons speeds up programming and allows real time system behaviour analysis

Atmel’s AVR ONE is now available from Nu Horizons Electronics. The emulator speeds up programming and supports non-intrusive observation and logging of how the embedded system performs. This allows the software engineer a clear view of real time system behaviour, without affecting or modifying the real time characteristics of the microcontroller.

5th September 2008
Nu Horizons Electronics appoints Janos Boszormenyi asSales Manager for Hungary and Romania

Nu Horizons Electronics has continued its expansion in Europe with the appointment of a Sales Manager for Hungary and Romania. This follows the company's move into Eastern Europe earlier this year when it announced the opening of an office for the Polish and Czech territories. Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. is one of the top five publicly quoted distributors of semiconductors and power products in the world.

20th August 2008
Mains voltage switchers from Nu Horizons

Now available from Nu Horizons Electronics is ON Semiconductor's NCP101x range of self-supplied monolithic switchers. The family of switchers can be connected directly to mains voltage and offers everything needed to build a rugged and low-cost power supply, including soft-start, frequency jittering, short-circuit protection, skip-cycle, a maximum peak current setpoint and a dynamic self-supply (no need for an auxiliary winding).

7th July 2008
High current density buck regulators from Nu Horizons offer 12A in 7cm2

Now available from Nu Horizons are what is said to be the world’s highest current density buck regulators – Exar’s PowerBlox range – enabling highly efficient designs in a small footprint. The PowerBlox family is also the widest input synchronous buck regulator series on the market.

21st May 2008
DC-DC regulator range from Nu Horizons maximises available board space

Nu Horizons announces the availability of a range of point of load DC-DC regulators. Linear Technology's new generation of POL regulator modules include all the circuit components encapsulated in such a tiny size that they resemble a surface mount IC. These high-end point-of-load regulators are complete solutions containing the DC-DC controller, MOSFETs, inductor, input and output bypass capacitors and compensation circuitry in only 225mm2, maxim...

7th May 2008
Nu Horizons appoints Sales Manager for Poland and Czech Republic to fuel expansion

Nu Horizons Electronics has appointed Rafal Koper as Sales Manager for Poland and Czech Republic. The appointment represents entry into the Eastern European markets for Nu Horizons. In his new role, Koper will be responsible for Nu Horizons' sales operations in Poland and the Czech Republic.

23rd April 2008
Nu Horizons signs global deal with OmniTek for UK-designed advanced video development platform

Nu Horizons Electronics has signed an agreement with Basingstoke (UK)-based OmniTek to market a new Advanced Video Development Platform (AVDP) in Europe, the US and Asia (excluding Japan).

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