Automotive test capabilities with low loss SMA connectors

10th May 2021
Alex Lynn

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of its SMA product series with 50 ohm connectors optimised for low loss TFC-302LL cable. This lightweight, compact and vibration proof interface is available in bulkhead jack, straight jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations.

These connectors are ideal for applications where low return loss is necessary such as automotive testing, wireless systems and IoT solutions.

The SMA interface supports frequencies up to 18GHz ensuring optimal performance through 6GHz, the cut-off frequency of the cable, and utilises the popular threaded coupling mechanism. All designs feature crimp termination, which allows for quick and secure assembly and uses standard hex crimp tooling, and a soldered center contact.  These SMA configurations are machined from brass with either nickel or gold plating.

These SMA connectors are designed to terminate to TFC-302LL cable, manufactured by Times Fiber communications, a division of Amphenol. This cable offers reliable electrical and mechanical performance with a stranded center conductor and the same low loss capabilities as traditional SMA connectors. Similarly, these connectors can be used with Leoni Dacar 302 and comparable cable types, all of which are highly flexible and feature stable impedance and low signal attenuation. 

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