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31st October 2023
Amphenol RF expands portfolio with internal passive and active patch antennas

Amphenol RF expands its embedded antenna portfolio with internal passive and active patch antennas designed for navigational-related applications.

2nd August 2023
Develop high voltage solutions with pre-configured MHV cable assemblies

Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the introduction of MHV cable assemblies into a wide range of pre-configured assembly options.

1st August 2023
Amphenol RF announce expansion of 12G product line with BNC jack-to-plug adapter

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of its 12G product line with a new BNC jack-to-plug adapter. 

28th July 2023
Amphenol RF announce expansion of popular miniature sized TNC

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of the popular miniature sized TNC interface with additional configurations designed to accommodate micro coax cable types. 

24th May 2023
Circular plastic shell connector from Amphenol reduces installation time

Amphenol Industrial Operations, a global specialist in interconnect systems, now offers a circular connector with a plastic shell that can be used in industrial power and signal applications.

23rd May 2023
SMA cable assemblies avoid communication frequency loss

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of our pre-configured cable assembly portfolio with SMA assemblies on low-loss LMR-100A cable, manufactured by our sister division, Amphenol Times Microwave.

11th May 2023
Secure mini cable assemblies in high-vibration industrial applications

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce SMA and TNC to MHF I LK locking cable assemblies on flexible 1.13mm micro-coax cable.

9th May 2023
Add connectivity to compact IoT devices with flexible and PCB patch antennas

Amphenol is pleased to introduce flexible and PCB patch antennas into our robust portfolio of RF solutions.

9th May 2023
Amphenol RF announce expansion to their FAKRA interconnect line

Amphenol RF has announced an expansion to their line of FAKRA interconnect with a universal FAKRA cap.

15th March 2023
Amphenol RF’s new line of external antennas

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce external antennas to their product portfolio as a direct complement to existing RF interfaces providing a complete solution from application to antenna. 

9th March 2023
Amphenol RF expands their TNC product offerings

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand their TNC product offerings with additional front mount bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate flexible ultraminiature coax cable types.

23rd February 2023
Optimise space with Mini-FAKRA to IP67 FAKRA automotive interconnect cable solutions

Amphenol RF introduces AUTOMATE Type A mini-FAKRA breakout cables with waterproof IP67-rated FAKRA terminated to low-loss RG-174 cable for automotive and industrial applications.

13th February 2023
Amphenol enhanced connection system available in 3-pole version

Amphenol Industrial has enhanced its ePower-Lite line to include a 3-pole connector. The ePower-Lite 5.7mm, which features a quick lock and press-to-release design, is used to connect PTC/AC to DC and related control boxes, including power distribution units.

9th February 2023
SMA to SMP cable assembly configuration

Amphenol RF has announced a new configuration of SMA to SMP assemblies to its expansive line of fixed-length cable assemblies.

18th January 2023
Amphenol RF expands its non-magnetic SMP product series

Amphenol RF have announced the expansion of the microminiature SMP product series to include non-magnetic connector and adapter options. These configurations are manufactured with non-ferrous materials and plating, designed to provide high-performing RF interconnects that feature low magnetic field susceptibility and no electric field distortion. 

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16th January 2023
Amphenol RF expands its reverse polarity SMA panel mount portfolio

Amphenol RF expanded its SMA product portfolio with additional reverse polarity bulkhead jacks. The bulkhead jacks are engineered to accommodate a variety of micro coax cable types including 0.081mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm and RG-178 and are IP67 rated.

10th January 2023
Right-angle SMA plugs for micro-coax cable

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand their SMA product family with reverse polarity right-angle plug configurations designed to accommodate a variety of flexible micro-coax cable types.

5th January 2023
High-bandwidth automotive performance with expanded Mini-FAKRA PCB portfolio

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand its multiport AUTOMATE Type A Mini-FAKRA portfolio with additional PCB options.

14th December 2022
Combat high-vibration environments with SMPM cable assemblies

Amphenol RF has introduced high-performance SMPM cable assemblies designed on industry‐standard flexible cable types.

12th December 2022
RF solutions for automotive antenna applications

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand its SMA connector portfolio with additional configurations designed for automotive applications.

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