THR RJ45 jack features integrated LEDs, PoE capabilities and built-in transformer modules

25th July 2012
ES Admin
SUYIN is pleased to announce a robust 8P8C RJ45 jack designed for pin-in-paste through-hole reflow processes, designated model number 101110F93H7M410ZA. The right-angle receptacle with built-in receiver/transmitter filter includes two integrated light-emitting diodes (with yellow, green, and orange indication colours) and excellent luminance.
The transceiver's insertion attenuation is specified at a maximum of -1.2 dB in the 1 MHz to 125 MHz range. Common-mode rejection is specified at -30 dB and crosstalk at -25 dB, both in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 100 MHz.

As another special feature, this RJ45 jack has an additional power-over-Ethernet connection. That makes it possible to eliminate the need for a separate power supply cable and for a DC power supply jack on the board when used in applications for broadband data connections in 10/100-Base-T Ethernet networks, such as routers, POS systems, telephone systems, set-top boxes, and many similar devices. These unique features are supplemented by extensive shielding measures on the sides and in the upper portion of the connector - including the spring fingers, which reliably prevent electromagnetic emission and reception. The dimensions are 21.65mm x 15.75mm x 13.35mm, and the operating temperature range extends from 0 °C to +70 °C. In addition, customer-specific variations are available upon request.

Key specifications at a glance:

Connector type:
RJ45-Jack, right-angle, THR, PoE-capable
Number of positions:
21.65 x 15.75 x 13.35 (L x W x H in mm overall)
Item number:

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