Potentiometer and switch combination

28th April 2006
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Omeg has adapted its 16mm ECO potentiometer to accept its Type IL switch. Previously, Type IL switches were only available with Omeg's metal cap potentiometers. This new development meets a continuing demand for plastic bodied PCB mounting, switched potentiometers where the shaft is parallel to the board.
The ECO potentiometer and Type IL switch combination provides a single pole switch with optional clockwise or anticlockwise actuation as well as standard or reversed electrical operation. It is rated at 1A/250V ac resistive load, minimum life 10,000 operations, working temperature range –25° to +70° C and for electrical safety has a contact gap of 1mm.

Omeg's ECO potentiometers can also be fitted with Omeg's ECO switches. These switches are designed with rear exit connector pins for layouts where the shaft is perpendicular to the board.

ECO potentiometer and Type IL switch combinations are now in production and data can be obtained from www.omeg.com/eilbroc.htm

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