Mains board reduces delivery times for panelbuilders

24th October 2007
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ABB claims to be reducing the time it takes to specify and assemble mains distribution boards, with the launch of its Triline-R enclosure range. With availability to the complete ABB product range, Triline-R will reduce delivery times down to 7 to 15 working days.
With most components pre-installed, the Triline-R enables panelbuilders to realistically deliver a mains board to their customer within just a few weeks after ordering it from ABB. Currently, a panelbuilder will specify a board based on their customer’s requirements, the manufacturer then builds the board from scratch and provides the necessary components. The panelbuilder will then often further customise the product for their customer and deliver and install it. In all, this process can take up to 10 weeks.

Nick Reidy, Product Manager for Enclosures, says: “We trialled the Triline-R in the UK last year, and were surprised by the level of demand we experienced. This high level of interest has led to us offering it to a much wider audience. We’re really excited about this product, because it will change the whole process of configuring and delivering a mains distribution board to users. The Triline-R will offer panelbuilders big advantages in the marketplace by enabling them to significantly reduce delivery times to their customers.”

Designed to reduce the process of configuring the board, ABB has also produced the Panel Design Configurator (PDC) software tool, to enable panelbuilders to configure a board themselves. Available free to panelbuilders from ABB, it includes a parts list, circuit diagrams and a graphical representation of the front view of the distribution board.

Using the software panelbuilders can now select and plan their board, and choose the parts required. Parts can be dragged and dropped onto the front view image to check compatibility. The software tool will confirm that the parts builders selected are suitable. They can then be placed onto an order form and sent to ABB.

The PDC software also provides panelbuilders with the flexibility to export data and parts lists to other Windows programs. It can also be used for project planning purposes, by providing a facility where customer data can be stored and managed alongside build projects.

The Triline-R enclosure utilises a modular design structure. It has been designed to provide maximum flexibility for the installation of circuit breakers and other components. Plug-in module plates can be used to install MCCBs and switch fuses horizontally, for when space is at a premium. Compartments and busbars can be ordered to suit requirements. Triline also provides flexible incomer options; from either the top or bottom of the enclosure, to suit the direction of incoming power cables.

The addition of the Triline-R means that ABB’s low voltage products division now offers a full range of distribution boards, providing everything from electrical mains distribution through to domestic consumer units.

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