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29th September 2022
Children in the driving seat of EV future

Children are already driving the EV revolution, despite not yet being able to get behind the wheel themselves, a new global survey has found.

Tech Videos
1st August 2022
ABB Formula E: Closing the gap in self-belief

Hannah Brown, Chief of Staff at Formula E, discusses the importance of closing the gap in self-belief she feels potentially still exists among young girls wanting to enter engineering and motorsport.

18th May 2022
ABB's robot alignment software for electronics assembly

ABB Robotics has launched an industry-leading software solution to enhance efficiency in electronics assembly. ABB’s High Speed Alignment software is the first to offer manufacturers the ability to increase the speed of 6-axis robots by 70 percent, and accuracy by 50 percent – significantly reducing time-to-market while increasing accuracy levels.

11th May 2022
ABB robots expedite EV material handling

ABB is adding two new robot families: the IRB 5710 and 5720 robots deliver increased productivity for applications in EV (electric vehicle) manufacture, foundry, and other areas of material handling and production.

10th May 2022
ABB Robotics unveils world’s first robot-painted art car

ABB Robotics has collaborated with two world-renowned artists, eight year old Indian child prodigy Advait Kolarkar, and Dubai-based digital design collective Illusorr, to create the world’s first robot-painted art car. ABB’s award-winning PixelPaint technology has, without human intervention, perfectly recreated Advait’s swirling, monochromatic design as well as Illusorr’s tri-colour geometrical patterns.

3rd May 2022
World’s fastest electric car charger in Norway

ABB and Eviny have collaborated on the first installations of ABB’s Terra 360. ABB’s Terra 360 is now available for use by the country’s growing community of EV drivers at the Oasen Shopping Centre, Bergen and in the Norwegian ski resort of Geilo.

Alternative Energy
7th April 2022
Copenhagen Airport is Denmark’s largest EV charging site

As part of a long-term agreement, charging infrastructure from ABB will play a key role in helping Copenhagen Airport (CPH) achieve carbon-neutrality in operations by 2030. 

22nd February 2022
ABB’s latest flexible robotic handling solutions

Latest FlexLoader machine tending solution picks straight from pallets carried by AGVs . Easy-to-use GoFa cobot offers 5kg payload capacity and longest reach in its class. The ACOPOS 6D handling system uses magnetic levitation for precise placement of material carrying shuttles.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd February 2022
Satellite imaging technology to detect environmental changes in near real-time

ABB has been awarded a contract worth around $30 million by the Canadian data and analytics company EarthDaily Analytics Corp. (EDA) to develop and manufacture next-generation multispectral imaging systems to be placed on 10 satellites (including an in-orbit spare) that will circle the Earth.

12th January 2022
OmniCore robot controllers offer efficient manufacturing

To meet the demand for faster, more efficient production, ABB is adding two new members to its OmniCore controller family. Available for a range of robots across ABB’s portfolio, the new E10 and V250XT controllers offer best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy savings and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ additional functions to meet changing requirements.

1st October 2021
Rectifier specifically designed for medical applications

In the medical device space, safety and reliability are paramount. Using power supplies that meet the industry’s stringent standards is one of the core ways to help ensure these requirements are met. Helping to meet this need, ABB Power Conversion has introduced its new MPE2000AC48_200AC24 (MPE2000) rectifier, which has been designed specifically with medical applications in mind.

1st September 2021
COVID-19 has shifted attitudes towards robots in the UK

UK manufacturers express growing interest in the potential of robotic automation to help address impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and protect against future workforce shortages.

25th August 2021
The critical role of EVs in driving climate change

World EV Day on 9th September will highlight and promote the role of EVs in the move to net zero and decarbonisation.

23rd July 2021
IRB 1300 robot enhanced with new protection

ABB’s 6-axis IRB 1300 industrial robot includes new protection elements that enable it to be used in tough industrial applications and contamination-free production processes, opening new opportunities for increased productivity, improved product quality and reduced cycle times in a variety of industries including electronics assembly, automotive and metals fabrication, amongst others. 

29th April 2021
Distance simulator reduces RobotStudio cell footprint

ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function designed to create an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot. Enabling the robot’s braking distance to be accurately calculated, the function overcomes the need to add safety margins into cell designs, enabling space savings of up to 25%. 

26th April 2021
MicroDLynx II DC/DC converters for compact IT equipment

Pushing the boundaries of advanced IT and networking devices requires improvements in component density and functionality. And for power and electrical engineers, this equates to designing board-level power modules in ever-shrinking, high density packages. ABB’s new MicroDLynx II DC-DC converters help meet the power needs of demanding, data-hungry applications, providing highly accurate voltage regulation in a compact, 232mm2...

24th February 2021
Next-gen cobots to unlock automation for new sectors

ABB is expanding its collaborative robot (cobot) portfolio with the new GoFa and SWIFTI cobot families, offering higher payloads and speeds, to complement YuMi and Single Arm YuMi in ABB’s cobot line-up. These stronger, faster and more capable cobots will accelerate the company’s expansion in high growth segments including electronics, healthcare, consumer goods, logistics and food and beverage, amongst others, meeting the growing dem...

17th February 2021
ABB launches The Robot Podcast

ABB is introducing a new series of podcasts that explore the innovative and exciting world of robotics, and their benefit to society in the greatest shift in automation in a generation, brought on by the pandemic.

29th January 2021
Data centre pros look to power system upgrades in 2021

ABB Power Conversion has issued a new data report, 'Data Overload: Powering Data Centres in the New Normal' that explores the unprecedented demand on data centres in 2020 as well as long term impacts that will shape data centre operations for years to come.

15th October 2020
ABB improves reliability in industrial applications with battery charger

In industrial and utility applications, up time is often one of the most critical aspects of operations - right after safety. ABB is helping to ensure reliable, efficient power in these mission critical industries with its new Integritas industrial battery charger. The wall-mounted system features switch-mode rectifier technology that provides transformer-less, efficient power conversion in a compact footprint - providing true N+1 ...

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