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Top 5 AI products in March

30th March 2024
Sheryl Miles

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 AI products to have been released in March 2024.

NVIDIA generative AI research turns text to 3D objects

NVIDIA's latest foray into generative artificial intelligence has yielded LATTE3D, a text-to-3D AI model that heralds a new era in digital creation.

The model has the capability to transform textual prompts into detailed 3D representations of objects and animals in mere seconds.

Developed by the Toronto-based AI lab team led by Sanja Fidler, NVIDIA's Vice President of AI Research, LATTE3D has significantly accelerated the process of generating high-quality 3D visuals. (Read more.)

NVIDIA Blackwell-powered DGX SuperPOD for generative AI supercomputing

NVIDIA has announced its next-generation AI supercomputer — the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD powered by NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips — for processing trillion-parameter models with constant uptime for superscale generative AI training and inference workloads.

Featuring a new, highly efficient, liquid-cooled rack-scale architecture, the new DGX SuperPOD is built with NVIDIA DGX GB200 systems and provides 11.5 exaflops of AI supercomputing at FP4 precision and 240 terabytes of fast memory — scaling to more with additional racks. (Read more.)

New AI speech patch could give voice to voiceless

In a significant leap forward for speech technology, bioengineers at UCLA have developed an AI-assisted wearable device designed to assist individuals with speech impairments.

Measuring at just one square inch, the adhesive neck patch represents a novel approach in aiding those unable to speak due to vocal cord challenges, marking a new era where technology meets healthcare to create tangible solutions for disabilities.

The device is a thin and flexible and attaches seamlessly to the neck. (Read more.)

Arrow Electronics simplifies AI development

Arrow Electronics is easing AI development for professionals and makers with the CYC5000 FPGA board in a compact 25.0mm x 70.7mm form factor.

The plug-and-play board, with Arduino-compatible header, simplifies building IoT edge devices leveraging the programmable logic, RISC-V with Altera’s Nios V, DSP accelerators, and hard IP blocks. (Read more.)

NVIDIA’s new AI chip is 30 times faster than its predecessor

NVIDIA has launched the Blackwell platform, promising organisations the capability to deploy real-time generative AI across trillion-parameter large language models.

This comes with a promise of up to 25 times reduced cost and energy consumption compared to its predecessor.

“For three decades we’ve pursued accelerated computing, with the goal of enabling transformative breakthroughs like deep learning and AI,” said Jensen Huang, Founder, and CEO of NVIDIA. (Read more.)


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