Stereo inspection system for PCBs

6th April 2007
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The Mantis stereo inspection system from Vision Engineering is used worldwide for the inspection and manipulation of PCBs. The expanded eyepiece technology gives users an extremely comfortable ergonomic advantage, especially when inspecting PCBs for long periods. With greater emphasis of health and safety management systems such as ISO 14001, the ‘eyepieceless’ Mantis ticks all the boxes for operator comfort.
The new x6 objective lens does what is says and provides operators with a super long working distance. This is designed to provide a solution to operators that require magnification during manipulation tasks. Traditionally, it can be quite challenging to use a higher magnification lens when manipulating samples due to the lack of working space or distance, which is often restrictive. With a standard x6 objective lens, working distances vary with each system. However, with the new x6 SLWD objective you can expect to achieve an incredible 112mm of working distance on the Mantis Elite.

Manipulation tasks vary between applications but the more common manipulation tasks include reworking on printed circuit boards (PCBs), especially where small boards with tight tracks need re-soldering.

The x6SLWD objective is supplied with a Fresnel lens which focuses the LED illumination onto the subject so that the illumination is maximised even with the x6SLWD.

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