Elliptic Boosts Chip Level Security for Home / Office Networking and LTE Small Cell Equipment

17th January 2013
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Elliptic Technologies today announced a new highly integrated IPsec/TLS Multi-Protocol Security Engine to address the security needs of residential gateways, VPN appliances and LTE small cells. The SPP-330 Security Engine expands Elliptic’s broad Security Protocol Processors family targeted at ASIC manufacturers and FPGA designers, and supports the Internet Protocol Security protocol as well as the Transport Layer Security, Secure Socket Layer and Datagram Transport Layer Security application layer protocols.
Elliptic continues to address our customers’ need for high performing, configurable and proven security products targeted at wireless and wireline networking applications,” said Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. The SPP-330 security engine is a versatile security solution that allows SoC manufacturers to efficiently balance power, performance and silicon area while supporting multiple protocols to secure data for advanced technologies and delivering complete, scalable and cost-effective security solutions.

Digital security is critical in the current online landscape of social, multimedia and business networks. People and businesses are connecting and interacting with each other - anytime and anywhere. New classes of always-connected embedded devices are emerging, making these interactions even more complex. Greater protection of privacy and control of information is required given that voice, data, sound and video are now simultaneously carried over the Internet with increasing speed and at higher data rates. Therefore, the need for more robust security solutions is crucial and continues to grow.

Elliptic's SPP-330 Multi-Protocol Security Engine addresses today’s security needs for a wide range of applications including; residential gateways, VPN and gateway appliances, small cells, terminal servers and thin clients. This compact Security Engine offers Gigabit range performance for ESP/AH and TLS/SSL/DTLS protocols with powerful features including state-of-the-art scatter-gather DMA, interrupt coalescence and Quality of Service for enhanced traffic management. The SPP-330 is delivered with software development kits, tools and drivers allowing seamless system integration into embedded Linux environments and ARM-based platforms.

Elliptic offers a broad portfolio of proven security solutions, including silicon cores to embedded software, which facilitate the adoption of advanced wireline and wireless technologies. With these highly-integrated solutions, SoC suppliers and embedded system manufacturers can shorten their time to market and provide robust security solutions.

Elliptic will demonstrate its Security Engines and Content Protection solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain (Feb 25 – 28) at Booth # 7F24.

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