Patented stereo microscope has no eyepieces – goodbye eye fatigue

31st August 2007
ES Admin
Vision Engineering’s newly updated Lynx stereo microscope employs patented optical technology to remove the need for restrictive eyepieces of a conventional microscope. The result is an inspection system providing amazing optical clarity, without the associate eyestrain or fatigue normally associated with prolonged microscope use … now LOWER COST with brighter, whiter long-life LED illumination.
The newly updated lower-cost Lynx stereo zoom microscope is ideal for the inspection of component parts with a stereo image presented to the eyes through an ergonomic eyepieceless viewing lens. The patented eyepieceless viewing head is designed to deliver maximum ergonomics, relieving engineers from eyestrain and fatigue, symptoms usually caused from bad posture, when inspecting through the binocular eyepieces of a traditional stereo microscope. The unrivalled operator comfort places Lynx in a league of its own.

Newly updated, Lynx is now available with long-life LED illumination, enhancing optical clarity whilst reducing operating and consumable costs. Arranged within a 14-point ringlight, the dimmable, high intensity LEDs provide brighter, whiter illumination with a lamp-life of up to 10,000 hours, reducing consumable costs by more that 80%.

The Lynx benefits from magnification up to x120 a wide range of accessories in addition to the new LED illumination. New image capture and archive options are also now available to complement existing range of options and accessories.

Ideal for any inspection task that requires maximum image quality without fatigue, Lynx has become the preferred instrument of choice for detailed visual inspection of a wide range of samples, from PCBs through to meteorites!

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