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What's one thing you'd like to see change in engineering for women in 2024?

5th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

Electronic Specifier’s Sheryl Miles reached out to women engineers, asking them to envision the year ahead and inviting them to share their perspectives on what they’d like to see change in engineering for women in 2024.

This article originally appeared in the Dec'23 magazine issue of Electronic Specifier Design – see ES's Magazine Archives for more featured publications.

“More women sponsoring, collaborating and enabling other women to succeed, and organisations to create cultures where women who want to succeed can do so unapologetically.”

-       Seemin Suleri, VP of Engineering at Prima

“Close the pay gap and have a higher proportion of women, as engineers, and in leadership roles. And to see sustainability efforts collaborate more with those driving for more inclusive approaches. We can do so much more together than apart.”

-       Emma Crichton, Innovation Director at Engineers Without Borders

“I believe that it's essential for everyone in engineering, and especially women, to recognise that if we want positive change, we must be willing to set the example in our own actions and interactions.”

-       Molly Bakewell Chamberlin, President and Founder of Embassy Global LLC

“A serious commitment to fixing the Gender Pay Gap! … I would like everyone to start by NOTICING who is not in the room, at the table or on the team.”

-       Michelle McDaid, Co-Founder, Trustworki

“Women receiving acknowledgment for their achievements and capabilities without thinking they have to outperform their male colleagues to gain recognition. And more opportunities for women in strategic roles to help shape the future of their organisations and break down the outdated mindset.”

-       Cheyenne Powell, PhD Researcher, Aerospace Centre of Excellence

“For industry to trust us, so we don’t have to keep proving ourselves and providing layer upon layer of evidence. Trust and respect that we know our subject/topic and have made our decisions carefully.”

-       Sophie Harker, Assistant Chief Engineer of Electronic Products, at BAE Systems

“I would like to see engineering organisations take ownership and be accountable for the statistics around attrition and progression of female engineers.”

-       Tosha Nembhard, Programme Director in Aerospace Engineering at  University of Leicester

“Addressing imposter syndrome and ensuring that women feel a sense of belonging in the field. With initiatives that focus on combatting self-doubt and building a supportive culture helping women recognise their value in a more inclusive professional environment.”

-       Nada Lakhal, Field Application Engineer at NXP

“More sponsors – more people taking an interest in the development and retention of women engineers. Building real relationships and having a very good understanding of what those women in engineering need in order to succeed and enabling them to do so.”

-       Lauren Neal, Founder and Chief Programme Creator at Valued at Work

“Digital inclusion. One third of the world's population do not have access to the Internet … I want to see more women being involved in the AI development space.”

-       Bolor-Erdene Battsengel, Research Fellow at Oxford University

“For it not to be seen as anything remotely unusual to be a ‘Woman in Engineering’. I would rather be seen as an engineer who also happens to be a woman, than as a member of a minority.”

-       Helen Duncan, Project Manager and Marketing at Blueshift Memory

“A transformative shift in the engineering landscape for women … and to see a substantial increase in the representation of women in leadership roles within engineering organisations.”

-       Fatemeh Hovizavi, Lead Application Engineer at EDRMedeso Simulation

“More women in engineering, science and technology actively influencing policy making and government decision making … and greater inclusion and diversity of thought in the debates on how AI will transform industries and economies.”

-       Susan McDonald, Energy Transition Lead at Deloitte

“Greater promotion of STEM throughout schools and universities … reinforcing personal awareness of female graduate capabilities … further unleashing their potential for inspirational team work and leadership.”

-       Deepaa Ganesh, Systems Engineering – Functional Manager/Tech Lead at QinetiQ

“To see the industry implement policies to improve retention of women in STEM, such as improving provisions for PPE in women's sizes, rather than defaulting to unisex sizing which is typically based on men's dimensions.”

-       Natalia Adamson, Lead Project Engineer at Ricardo

“For allyship from engineering senior leaders to grow stronger and louder.”

-       Dragica Kostic-Perovic, Chief Engineer at Ricardo

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