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The influence of women's football on women in technology

16th August 2023
Paige West

In recent years, the realm of women's football has transcended the boundaries of the sports arena, extending its influence into unexpected domains, including the world of technology.

As women's football gains momentum and recognition on a global scale, it has begun to shape and inspire women in fields far removed from the playing field, most notably in the realm of technology. The parallels between the two seemingly distinct domains reveal a compelling narrative of empowerment, resilience, and breaking down barriers that has the potential to reshape the landscape of women in technology.

A shared journey of breaking barriers

Both women's football and the technology industry have a shared history of challenging conventional norms and breaking through barriers. Just as women in football have fought for equal opportunities, recognition, and representation in a historically male-dominated field, women in technology have navigated similar challenges. The underrepresentation of women in both arenas has spurred the creation of networks and communities dedicated to advancing the cause of gender equality.

By observing the strides made by women in football, women in technology can draw inspiration from the stories of athletes who have pushed past gender stereotypes to compete at the highest levels. These stories serve as a powerful reminder that resilience, determination, and skill know no gender boundaries. As a result, the successes of women in football become a motivating force for women pursuing careers in technology, urging them to rise above adversity and embrace their true potential.

Empowering role models

In the world of women's football, celebrated athletes serve as role models and sources of inspiration for countless young girls. These athletes embody qualities such as leadership, teamwork, and perseverance, which are transferable to any field, including technology. When young girls see women excelling in football, it opens their minds to the idea that they too can excel in areas traditionally dominated by men.

This visibility of female role models in sports contributes to a shift in societal perceptions of what women can achieve. Similarly, as women gain visibility in the technology sector, their achievements serve to dismantle stereotypes and encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM fields. The journey of female football stars resonates with aspiring women in technology, demonstrating that greatness is attainable through dedication and hard work.

Fostering a culture of inclusivity

The inclusive ethos fostered by women's football extends beyond the confines of the pitch. The spirit of teamwork, diversity, and collaboration that characterises successful football teams has found its way into tech workplaces. The emphasis on diversity in football teams mirrors the push for diverse teams in the technology sector, where a variety of perspectives and experiences lead to innovative problem-solving.

Furthermore, the supportive communities that emerge around women's football can be replicated in the technology field. As women in football inspire and uplift one another, women in technology can form networks that provide mentorship, guidance, and a platform to share experiences. These communities cultivate a sense of belonging and empower women to navigate the challenges of male-dominated industries.

Championing confidence and resilience

Women's football epitomises the values of resilience and self-confidence. Athletes face adversity on and off the field, from injuries to criticism, yet they continue to push their boundaries. This journey of resilience is mirrored in the technology sector, where women often encounter challenges but can find strength in their ability to overcome them.

As women footballers develop the self-assuredness to compete at elite levels, they inadvertently cultivate a culture of confidence among women in technology. By showcasing their achievements and confidently expressing their ideas, they challenge preconceived notions and stereotypes. This fearless approach encourages other women to amplify their voices and advocate for their ideas in the tech world.

Driving change through shared advocacy

Both women's football and women in technology are united in their pursuit of change. The visibility and influence of female footballers extend beyond the game, as they leverage their platforms to advocate for gender equality, inclusivity, and social progress. This advocacy resonates with women in technology who strive to create more equitable workplaces and challenge biases within the industry.

Collaboration between the two domains can yield powerful outcomes. The collective voice of women from different backgrounds amplifies the call for change, fostering a united front against systemic obstacles. By drawing on the advocacy strategies of women's football, women in technology can drive transformative shifts in their industry and accelerate progress towards gender equality.


The influence of women's football on women in technology is a testament to the far-reaching impact of sports on societal norms and career aspirations. The parallel journeys of empowerment, breaking barriers, and fostering a culture of inclusivity create a powerful narrative of shared experiences. As women in football continue to inspire and uplift one another, they unknowingly extend their influence to women in technology, demonstrating that the values of teamwork, resilience, and confidence transcend domains and inspire greatness in all aspects of life. The confluence of these two worlds holds the potential to reshape the landscape of women's participation and success in the technology sector, contributing to a more equitable and empowered future for all.

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