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everywoman and Bupa: championing Women in Tech

29th May 2024
Sheryl Miles

everywoman and Bupa have unveiled a report titled: ‘The Wellbeing/Advancement Equation: Solving for a Gender-Balanced Workplace,’ which spotlights the fundamental challenges and opportunities for women in technology.

This article originally appeared in the April'24 magazine issue of Electronic Specifier Design – see ES's Magazine Archives for more featured publications.

Presented in a personable way, the paper is a narration of the lived experiences of women in the technology sector, and it champions a holistic approach to fostering an environment where women are not just present, but where they thrive.

everywoman's mission

Established in 1999, everywoman has tirelessly championed women in the workplace, particularly  within the rapidly evolving tech sector.

By recognising the unique challenges faced by women in technology, everywoman's initiatives focus on providing leadership development and mentoring, and they showcase role models to inspire and guide women through their professional journeys.

Bupa and everywoman

The collaboration with Bupa highlights a shared vision for a gender-balanced tech industry, where wellbeing and career advancement are not mutually exclusive.

This partnership leverages everywoman's expertise in women's career development with Bupa's comprehensive understanding of health and wellbeing, creating a formidable force for positive change.

Key findings and insights

The report illuminates several sobering realities:

A wellbeing crisis is palpable: women in tech face elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout, with 76% of surveyed women saying that they have experienced burnout

The Imposter Phenomenon and a deficit of female role models: these were identified as formidable barriers, leading to a cycle of self-doubt and isolation among women in tech

Work-life balance challenges, lack of workplace inclusivity, and the gender pay gap: these fundamental issues raised in the report highlight the multifaceted nature of the challenges women  face every day

Career advancement hurdles: the hurdles women face are exacerbated by entrenched biases and a lack of sponsorship, which leads to qualified women being sidelined

Learning culture, ongoing leadership, and development opportunities: the importance of incorporating these into the core company ethos are emphasised as crucial for career progression and personal growth

A holistic approach to wellbeing

A central takeaway from the report is the necessity for a holistic approach to wellbeing, acknowledging the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. It illuminates the insufficient support for women experiencing menopause, an area that is ripe for corporate intervention. It also calls out the phenomenon of ‘wellbeing washing’ – whereby an organisation superficially promotes wellness and mental health initiatives without implementing meaningful changes – and demands authentic change from tech organisations.

The everywoman and Bupa report is a call to action for individuals, recruiters, policymakers, and leaders to harness respectful and inclusive cultures.

By prioritising genuine wellbeing, companies that create more supportive and inclusive environments not only enhance the lives of their female employees but also boost their overall competitiveness and success. Thus, leading to a more robust, forward thinking, and profitable The report by everywoman and Bupa lays bare the lived realities and the aspirations of women in tech, and it also offers a blueprint for building a more equitable and thriving sector, where women's wellbeing is central to innovation and progress.

The path forward is clear: holistic support, meaningful opportunities, and a steadfast commitment to gender balance will shape the future of technology, making it a successful, inclusive, and  thriving environment for all.

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