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Telecom power rectifiers with 98% efficiency

14th November 2016
Anna Flockett

A wide spectrum of power electronics, cooling systems and integrated power solutions capable of optimising performance and energy savings in industrial, automotive, medical, and telecom applications were on show from Delta at electronica this year. Delta with its subsidiaries Cyntec and Eltek presented a number of products and highlights; however the superiority from Delta was reflected by its Telecom Power Solutions featuring best-in-class 56.8W/in³ power density, with 98% energy efficiency.

Also Eltek´s Rectiverter, the world´s first bidirectional power module was a highlight from the company. Delta´s Electronically Commuted (EC) Fans deliver lower electricity consumption by 40% to 50% versus traditional AC fans in several applications while Cyntec´s AEC-Q200-qualified power chokes boast maximum thickness of only 2.1mm to support high-frequency operations of up 1MHz in automotive applications.

Jackie Chang, President and General Manager for Delta in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said: “Delta´s core competence of delivering industry-leading energy efficiency is based on its long-term focus in R&D-based innovation and commitment to a low-carbon world. A testament of such endeavour is the official launch, here at Electronica 2016, of our new telecom power rectifiers offering impressive efficiency at up to 98%.”

Delta´s leading technologies at Electronica 2016 included:

Telecom Power Solutions
This showcase included eco-friendly Telecom Power Solutions by both Delta and Eltek. Delta´s DPR3000E-48 series rectifiers now offer leading energy conversion efficiency of up to 98% and best-in-class power density of 56.8W/in³, remarkable qualities to help enable not only further opex and space savings but also lower carbon emissions for our telecom carrier customers. The OutD ‘M’ series modular outdoor cabinet system includes energy-saving cooling options such as air ventilation (AV) only and AV + air conditioning (AC). The iF Design Award and Red Dot Award winner 96% efficient Golden Eagle small cell system for 4G applications was also available.

Eltek´s Rectiverter, the world´s first bidirectional power module, facilitates optimum simplified AC and DC-powered system structures for higher efficiency, reliability and control and lower total cost of ownership even beyond telecom applications. Eltek also exhibited its Remote Power System and Flatpack S modules at electronica.

Power Electronics
The growing Industrial Power Supply (IPS) portfolio (currently more than 500 products) offers an extensive set of product types to support power conversion in applications as diverse as factory automation and medical. For example, the high-performance Delta CliQ M series DIN rail power supply features >90% efficiency and Advanced Power Boost (APB) in a high power density design.

The APB function detects a faulty current path within a multiple loads connection and in turn trips the circuit breaker connected to that path, ensuring other connected loads can continue operations without interruption.

Delta´s subsidiary, Cyntec, unveiled its passive components, power modules, RF components also.  For the highly demanding automotive sector, Cyntec´s best-in-class miniaturised AEC-Q200-qualified power chokes offer high saturation currents and low DC resistance, are capable of tolerating high-frequency conditions of up to 1MHz and boast not only a super-thin design with maximum 2.1mm thickness but also a metal dust core for excellent performance.

Cyntec also showed its advanced 95%-efficiency non-isolated and isolated Point of Load (POL) DC/DC converters which integrate controller chips, chokes and I/O capacitors into a single power management module to deliver up to 75% space savings.  These qualities are essential for engineers seeking to construct ultra-compact high-performance DC-DC conversion systems.

Thermal Management Solutions
Delta also exhibited its full portfolio of Electronically Commuted (EC) Fans (blowers and axial fans) featuring superior thermal management with roughly 40% to 50% energy savings and lower noise operations compared to traditional AC fans in applications such as HVAC, data centres, commercial refrigeration and renewable energy. A wide range of input voltage options available for 3-phase fans (200-480Vac) simplifies the customers´ procurement process substantially. 

Unlike AC fans, Delta´s EC Fans also offer communication properties for effective speed control and status monitoring via MODBUS RS485 protocol for enhanced energy efficiency and operating reliability. For telecom applications, the cabinet thermal solutions, included heat exchangers, thermoelectric coolers, heaters and air conditioners, also leveraged Delta´s position in DC brushless fans to maximise operating performance and even are capable to run continuously for up to 80,000 hours (9 years). 

The heat exchangers and thermoelectric coolers also operate with excellent low-noise properties, in some models as low as 54db-A.  Delta´s cabinet air conditioners utilise variable-speed DC inverter compressor and dual rotor design to achieve a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4.5, meaning significantly lower energy consumption in the cooling process.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
Delta´s 3-phase modular Modulon DPH series UPS system, designed for better flexibility and strong performance with 96% AC/AC efficiency is an option for medium-sized data centres. While 75kW Modulon systems were on display at the show, its power rating goes up to 200kW. Other UPS systems for IT, industrial and retail applications were part of Delta´s proposition at electronica.

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