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Maximise opportunities at CWIEME Berlin 2024

16th April 2024
Harry Fowle

The deadline is fast approaching for exhibitors and buyers alike to complete their profiles on Connect @ CWIEME.

Connect @ CWIEME leverages data and technology to make critical connections between engineering, procurement, R&D professionals and companies to ensure they get the most out of their time at CWIEME Berlin 2024.

CWIEME Berlin is one of the largest international trade fairs and conferences dedicated to the coil winding and electrical manufacturing industry. It’s a comprehensive hub that showcases the entire value chain, from raw materials to finished products and services. CWIEME Berlin brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals from all over the world — last year, more than 5,000 visitors from 88 countries came to see over 600 exhibitors. This year’s event, which is held on May 14-16 at Messe Berlin, is expected to be even bigger.

Connect @ CWIEME was launched at the 2023 iteration of the show and, with an 86 per cent satisfaction rate, is back for 2024 with new improvements to enable even more connections, drive higher numbers of scheduled visits to exhibitor stands and allowing increased flexibility for decision makers to participate when it suits them. Last year, the app hosted over 1,500 engineering, procurement and R&D buyers such as Siemens Energy, Volvo, Tesla and Hitachi Energy, more than 600 supplier companies such as GROB, Marsilli and Elantas, and arranged 3,200 high value meetings.

This programme is specifically designed to enhance connectivity and collaboration within the CWIEME Berlin community. It provides buyers with access to detailed profiles of all exhibitors, enabling efficient planning and maximisation of time at the show by allowing the addition of selected exhibitors to personal schedules.

Participation in Connect @ CWIEME offers numerous benefits. It facilitates the identification of suitable suppliers and solutions for project needs with unprecedented efficiency. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to explore new and emerging products from a wide array of companies — ranging from well-established industry leaders to innovative local and international startups. Buyers can also create personalised schedules that optimise their time at the show, focusing on the most critical meetings and interactions for achieving their business goals.

This proactive approach in scheduling and planning empowers buyers to leverage the networking opportunities and resources available at CWIEME Berlin, ensuring a rewarding and impactful event experience. Buyers are encouraged to set up their profiles by 19 April 2024, to align with the period when exhibitors start finalising their schedules. Completing buyer profiles before the deadline ensures the best chance to engage with relevant exhibitors and tailor the show experience to meet specific needs and interests before the event begins.

“The countdown to CWIEME Berlin 2024 is on, and we’re urging all of our attendees to make sure they’re fully utilising Connect @ CWIEME before the show,” said Alex Oxley, Senior Marketing Manager at CWIEME Berlin. “Last year, we saw incredible success stories emerge from connections made through the app, and this year, we've refined its features to make these interactions even more impactful. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every participant, whether they're showcasing groundbreaking technology or looking for the next big thing in the industry, has the tools they need to succeed.”

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