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Podcast shines light on TFT displays

23rd June 2021
Mick Elliott

The latest podcast from That Engineering Chat is hosted by Mathew Rehm, Relec Electronics’ display specialist as he takes a look at displays, and in particular TFT displays.

The podcast looks at all aspects of this technology, from the basics – where is a TFT display used – to how and where PCAP touch displays are integrated into systems.

Rehm tells hosts Nicole and Caroline about how today’s connected world uses these displays on production lines, medical equipment and handheld devices, indoors and outdoors.

Just because TFT displays are ubiquitous does not mean they are all the same, and sometimes the design project or application demands a little more than an off-the-shelf display can provide.

Rehm discusses how designers can seal displays for demanding environments and the differences between resistive and capacitive touch technologies focuses on displays and where they are suitable.

Increasing use of outdoor displays means that can be used in bright, outdoor conditions. This leads to a discussion about optical bonding as well as surface treatments to make the displays anti-fingerprint, anti-reflective and anti-bacterial. In particular, Mathew shares some of the insights from Relec’s experience with customisation and how it can create custom shapes and designs, EMC protection and privacy filters.

The podcast ends with an overview of the design service available, including protoyping and testing before full production.

The podcast is an introduction to the world of TFT displays and the possibilities they afford for modern system design across a wide variety of industries, from industry to medical, and from consumer to mil/aero.

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