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RELEC Electronics Limited was established in 1978 with the aim of providing specialist power conversion and display products to support professionals in the electronics industry.

If you want a ‘standard’ solution, we can of course provide one. RELEC has an expert understanding of applications and resulting specifications, combined with the ability to source the most appropriate products.

With an aerospace background Relec will consistently and meticulously deliver the best-performing and most robust power and display solutions available. This sometimes means going the extra mile to customize a product or a feature to achieve optimum performance and service delivery.

We have continued with this philosophy and operate in specific fields, specialising in AC DC power supplies, DC DC converters displays and EMC filters.

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News & Analysis
27th July 2021
Relec and Digiwise team up to aid display design

The popularity and versatility of HDMI means that embedded SBCs face more display design demands. To stay ahead of this industry trend Relec Electronics and its partner Digiwise have been developing new sizes and products to meet customers’ innovative design requirements.

6th July 2021
Energy-conscious crop cultivation

In order to feed the world’s growing population, large scale cultivation has become common, but there may be an environmental cost to ensuring a steady supply of crops all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Events News
23rd June 2021
Podcast shines light on TFT displays

The latest podcast from That Engineering Chat is hosted by Mathew Rehm, Relec Electronics’ display specialist as he takes a look at displays, and in particular TFT displays.

25th May 2021
Relec introduces optical bonding for TFT displays

TFT displays are popular because the proven technology can be integrated into a wide variety of installations, in industrial and commercial settings.

Tech Videos
31st March 2021
XRCM series - a new benchmark for railway power

Relec Electronics is pleased to announce the imminent availability of the new Melcher XRCM60 Series DC/DC converters. The XRCM60 have an ultra-wide input voltage range, and are suitable for the most cost-sensitive applications, without any compromise in quality. Watch the video to find out more.

Tech Videos
23rd February 2021
Relec Electronics: specialists in display technology

Relec Electronics supply a wide range of TFT Displays & Touch Panels for Design Engineers. 💡

23rd February 2021
UPS combine DIN rail power and battery management

The CBI series of DIN rail mount DC UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) from Italian manufacturer, Adel Systems offers multiple features for reliable power management in industrial applications.

Tech Videos
28th January 2021
The quick and easy 3 step process at RELEC Electronics

RELEC Electronics has worked closely with key suppliers for over 40 years, specialising in many industries; automotive, industrial, defence and now Solar Power Inverters. 

19th January 2021
Power supplies exhibit low ripple and low noise

The LI series is a family of 30, 60 and 100Watt DIN rail-mount power supplies from Mornsun designed primarily for building automation and demanding industrial applications.

News & Analysis
2nd December 2020
Gresham Worldwide buys Relec to bolster European presence

Gresham Worldwide has acquired Relec Electronics, a supplier of specialist power conversion and display technology to the industrial, rail transportation and emerging electronic market sectors, serving customers in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

19th November 2020
AEK 3000 HV Series offers flexible DC power

By land, by sea, by air: the AEK 3000 HV Series offers flexible high voltage DC power, according to Relec Electronics. Its numerous applications include undersea power lines and tethered drones. The 3kW high voltage (HV) DC power supplies manufactured by Cotek, are now available from power conversion specialist, Relec Electronics.

22nd October 2020
Rugged DC-DC converters suit railway applications

New possibilities for rail and industry power supplies are offered by Cincon’s conduction-cooled DC-DC half brick DC-DC converters, the CHB150W12 and CHB200W12.

1st October 2020
TFT displays range handles harsh environments

Thin film transistor (TFT) displays manufactured by Futurelabs are available from distributor Relec Electronics.

18th August 2020
DC-DC converters suit common battery and bus voltages

The CQB75W8 75W quarter-brick and CHB150W8 150W half-brick DC-DC converters from Cincon both have an input range 9V - 75V dc, making them suitable for all common battery and bus voltages and 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems.

28th July 2020
Relec adds Cotek Systems’ SR-1600-Plus inverter series

The SR-1600-Plus Series of DC-AC inverters consists of 1,600VA inverter modules for either 24V or 48V inputs, a bespoke 2U subrack and a system controller. There are also options for remote control and maintenance bypass switches.

28th July 2020
DC-AC inverters feature AC line conditioning

Relec Electronics has added Cotek Systems SR-1600-Plus Series of DC-AC inverters to its product portfolio.

1st July 2020
DC/DC converters meet space constraints with DFN packages

Mornsun’s 4th generation of R4 Series DC/DC converters are now available from Relec Electronics in ultra-miniature DFN packages, measuring just 9.0x7.0x3.1mm.

9th March 2020
DIN-Rail mountable AC/DC power supplies

The DRE480 Series of AC/DC power supplies by Chinfa are now available from specialist distributor, Relec Electronics. The DIN-Rail mountable power supplies are available in variants, the 24V DRE480-24A and 48V DRE480-48A, with adjustment ranges up to 28 and 56V respectively.

20th February 2020
DC/DC converters create benchmark for railway power

Relec has announced it is to add the Melcher XRCM60 series DC/DC converter series to its stock portfolio. The ultra-wide-input 60W DC/DC converters cover all traction battery voltages, for ease of use and cost-efficient design The XRCM60 series modules are suitable for the most cost-sensitive applications, without any compromise in quality.

24th January 2020
Demo board puts IGBT drive circuit at heart of solar inverter design

  To support developers of solar inverters, ON Semiconductor and Mornsun have paired the QA151 DC-DC converter with ON Semiconductor’s driver IC and transistors in an IGBT gate driver demo board.

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