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Nuremberg launch pad for PXI/PCI solutions

15th April 2015
Mick Elliott

The SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015 in Nuremberg (May 5-7) will provide a platform for Pickering Interfaces PXI 16A switching, PXI isolated power supply, and PCI fault insertion solutions. New launches in the PCI range include a PCI 2A Fault Insertion Switch – for switching fault conditions for burn-in/endurance testing of Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

For their PXI range, Pickering will feature new products, including two additions to its 16A PXI switching family – a new 16A power multiplexer and a new 16A matrix module, both of these feature high density, high current switching and a PXI isolated power supply – fixed output voltage power supplies for powering DUTs with medium power consumption

The company will also show PXI RF Solid State 6 GHz Multiplexers (40-88X) - includes an SP8T (8:1) MUX occupying two PXI slots and an SP16T (16:1) MUX occupying three PXI slots. Each MUX uses solid-state switches that ensure fast switch operation time of 50µs, very repeatable performance, and a virtually infinite service life when used within ratings.

The PXI BRIC Family of Large Matrix Modules and Multiplexers will also be on parade. With Pickering’s BRICs, the use of high-density packaging and integrated backplanes enables a large matrix to be implemented with no user configuration or special matrix expansion kits.

These matrices use thru-hole relays (not surface mount) and can be serviced using standard de-soldering tools simplifying repair and reducing downtime. Our BRIC's integrated design ensures high matrix performance with high signal bandwidth and fewer system implementation errors. 

All the PXI modules can be used in any PXI chassis, can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis and can also be used in Pickering’s LXI Modular chassis for users preferring control via an Ethernet port.

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