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Microwave products on show at Security & Policing 2017

6th February 2017
Alice Matthews

TMD Technologies (TMD) will be showing a selection of its products for security applications on Stand P9 at Security & Policing 2017. Although TMD has been active in the defence and security markets for many years, this is the first time that the company has attended such a major security event.

Business development opportunities – and capability
“Security & Policing is major international event, which attracts a wide range of visitors at all levels in the professional security field - from the UK and across the world,” said Richard Patrick, Business Development Manager, TMD. “It will provide us with a platform to engage with the very highest standard of security expertise and state of the art technology in the industry, and enable us to explore new business development opportunities in some of the security related areas we are at present less familiar with.”

Continuing on the business development theme, David Bullas, Head of Region Asia Pacific, said: “We could also be interested in offering our specialist expertise to any manufacturers that do not have the same level of in-house capability we have, without them having to outsource a complete operation. This could include, for example, our special materials capability, precision assembly, or X-ray facilities. We are looking forward to exploring our expansion opportunities in the professional security sector, and I have already received a request from a new Far Eastern contact to meet up at the show – a promising start!”

Jane McAlister, Sales and Business Development Director also commented: “I have been attending Security and Policing ever since it began, and am delighted that TMD now has a presence at this excellent and important event.”

On show
TMD will be showing a selection of its microwave products suitable for a range of security applications, including surveillance radar and communications. TMD’s products cover rugged amplifiers and transmitters, as well as advanced Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) for UAVs.

TMD’s latest MPM is the Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) based PTX8807, which offers simplified integration for high performance radar as well as EW systems. It operates over the 30-40GHz Ka band with an output power of up to 200W at 100% maximum duty cycle. It is designed to operate in the most demanding environmental conditions and will function reliably in a variety of airborne platforms.

TMD’s is also knowledgeable about solid state technology. This capability is epitomised by the new solid state PTS6900 MPM, which employs the most advanced GaN MMIC technology to offer high performance operation over the 2-6GHz range with an output of 150W. The PTS6900 has a predicted 30,000 hours MTBF in an airborne uninhabited fighter environment.

TMD will also be showcasing its TWT based PTXM Series MPMs. Suitable for UAVs, where low volume and low weight are critical design factors, these compact units weigh typically only 1.7kg and offer what the company claims to be the highest power density on the market.

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