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EuMW 2023: E-band transceiver adds +36dBm transmit power

20th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Filtronic has launched Hercules II, an E-band transceiver, described as a groundbreaking turnkey solution for ultra-high power, high-capacity E-band links.

The Hercules II combines Filtronic’s Morpheus II transceiver and either a Cerus 4 or 8 SSPA module, revolutionising high-speed backhaul networks with its unmatched performance and versatility.

It offers seamless integration and an exceptional range of benefits. Each Morpheus II module contains all the transmit and receive functions required for the RF section of an E-band link, facilitating a simple and efficient connection to a high data rate full duplex modem.

In conjunction with the Cerus power amplifier, the Hercules II significantly boosts the available transmit power, ensuring extended reach and enhanced coverage.

The Hercules II supports spectrally efficient modulation techniques, optimising the use of available bandwidth and ensuring higher data throughput.

This capability makes it an ideal choice for high-performance, low latency private  networks, for applications as diverse as high frequency trading and for inter-platform links for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

With up to +36dBm transmit power, the Hercules II ensures reliable and robust connections even over long distances, making it the preferred solution for demanding applications that require substantial power reserves. Its high-power output allows for seamless data transmission across a variety of challenging scenarios.

It is also designed for easy incorporation into ODUs, enabling rapid time to market with minimal customer engineering resources — reducing upfront investment and technical risk for OEMs. The integration of Filtronic’s proprietary MMICs ensure high-performance components at foundry-level pricing, offering a cost-effective solution for complex applications.

The Hercules II supports up to 2GHz RF channels, providing increased flexibility to address various deployment scenarios. This adaptability allows network operators to adjust and optimise their E-band links according to specific requirements and evolving network demands.

Its integrated diplexer connects directly to an antenna of choice via a standard WR12 interface, streamlining installation and reducing complexity. This seamless antenna interface simplifies deployment and reduces setup time, making it an efficient solution for network operators seeking a hassle-free implementation.

“The Hercules II represents a significant milestone in mmWave technology,” said Dan Rhodes, Director of Business Development at Filtronic. “With its unmatched power and capacity, this turnkey solution opens new possibilities for ultra-high-speed data transmission, revolutionising mobile backhaul networks for the 5G era. We are confident that the Hercules II will provide our customers with a competitive edge in the market, and are excited to see the innovative applications it will enable.”

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