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EMC measurement solutions feature at EMV 2018

13th February 2018
Mick Elliott

At EMV 2018 in Dusseldorf (Feb 20-22), Rohde & Schwarz will present its customised solutions for EMC measurements in all areas of product development, from the R&D phase to certification. A turnkey test system for certification testing in line with RED as well as complete systems for immunity measurements will also be on display.

For the new radio equipment directive (RED), the now mandatory certification guideline for radio equipment in Europe, the R&S TS8997 test system offers certification testing in line with ETSI EN 301 893 and EN 300 328 for wireless devices in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band as well as testing in line with FCC §15.247 and §15.407, including DFS tests.

The test system supports DUTs with 8x8 MIMO. It meets or even succeeds the demanding measurement requirements of these test standards.

Other test solutions on display include solutions for broadcast receivers in line with RED, for digital TV broadcast receivers in line with ETSI EN 303 340, for radio receivers in line with ETSI EN 303 345 and for indoor satellite broadcast receivers in line with ETSI EN 303 372-2.

The R&S ESR and R&S ESW EMC test receivers are ideal for EMC certification in line with CISPR, EN, FCC and MIL as well as for automotive applications. External mixers were added to extend the frequency range of the R&S ESW for measurements in line with FCC and ETSI. The receiver now measures, for example, the harmonics of transmission equipment up to a receive frequency of 500GHz.

For developers who want to check EMC performance during development, Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the R&S ELEKTRA test software. This replaces the R&S ES-SCAN software and supports all of the company's current EMC test receivers and spectrum analysers.

Rohde & Schwarz will also present an attractive solution for EMC debugging during development: the entry-level R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyser, the R&S HM6050-2 line impedance stabilisation network and the R&S HZ-17 near-field probe set together with R&S ELEKTRA.

Different test scenarios are often required to validate a design or product. The broadband amplifiers in the R&S BBA130 family from Rohde & Schwarz offer a one-box solution.

They are the first amplifiers to allow the user to tune the transmission characteristics to meet specific application requirements. The user can adjust the operating point of the transistors between class A and AB during operation.

Even the mismatch tolerance at the output can be changed so that more power is available.

An R&S BBA130 can amplify fast pulsed signals with low distortion as well as signals with a high voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). The family offers frequency ranges that cover 80MHz to 6GHz and output powers of 22W to 4200W.

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