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Rohde & Schwarz is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment. Our products set standards in research, development, production and service. As a key partner of industry and network operators, we offer a broad spectrum of market-leading solutions for the newest wireless technologies as well as for RF and microwave applications up to 500 GHz.

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20th July 2021
Turbocharging testing of base stations

Rohde & Schwarz take a closer look at server-based measurement data evaluation for fast production test – well suited for manufacturers of demanding products such as mobile network base stations.

Test & Measurement
19th July 2021
Cellular-V2X test case to accelerate 3GPP validation

Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) is a key technology which will improve road safety and accelerate autonomous driving in the coming years. Specifically, the C-V2X PC5 interface, operating in the 5.9GHz frequency enables direct, reliable, low latency communication between vehicles (V2V), vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) and vehicles and pedestrians (V2P).

Test & Measurement
9th July 2021
Cellular-V2X test case to accelerate 3GPP validation

Rohde & Schwarz and Quectel have announced the verification of selected 3GPP test cases based on a system with the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester against a Quectel AG15 C-V2X module.

News & Analysis
7th July 2021
Rohde & Schwarz acquires Zurich Instruments

Rohde & Schwarz has acquired Zurich Instruments to open up a route into quantum computing test. The deal extends the reach of Rohde & Schwarz’s Test and measurement division.

Test & Measurement
1st July 2021
Oscilloscope family upgrades with new UI, larger display

Customers spoke and Rohde & Schwarz responded. Its RTO oscilloscope family has a new addition incorporating upgrades sought by customers.

Test & Measurement
29th June 2021
Radio comms test platform gets MWC 2021 sneak preview

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (June 28-July 1), Rohde & Schwarz is offering an exclusive preview of the new R&S CMP180 radio communication test platform.

Test & Measurement
25th June 2021
Test system targets automotive radar sensors

Realistic tests on virtual roads. That scenario is now possible, says Rohde & Schwarz using a test solution consisting of the R&S AREG800A automotive radio echo generator and the R&S QAT100 antenna array.

Events News
25th June 2021
Cellular device testing showcased at MWC 2021

With Mobile World Congress returning to Barcelona (June 28 – July 1) Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing the latest highlights of its cellular device testing portfolio, which cover all stages from early 5G NR device design phases to conformance testing to device manufacturing.

Test & Measurement
24th June 2021
Mobile network infrastructure testing at MWC21

The Rohde & Schwarz portfolio for mobile network infrastructure testing covers all phases of the product lifecycle – from R&D of RF and digital designs, design validation and integration to 3GPP-defined base station conformance testing and production testing. The company will be presenting current highlights from this portfolio at Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC21).

23rd June 2021
5G NR high-speed downlink IP data throughput showcased

Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) is the use case of 5G NR which supports the ever-increasing end user data rate and system capacity, as mobile devices integrate more and more internet-based services and applications. At MWC21, T&M specialists Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI Solutions will demonstrate a 5G NR eMBB end-to-end test scenario in 5G SA mode (standalone 5G) exceeding for the first time a high-speed data throughput of 7.5 Gbps.

Test & Measurement
3rd June 2021
Accurate test solution for UWB device localisation

Rohde & Schwarz and Colby Instruments have joined forces to provide the UWB ecosystem with an extremely accurate test solution for angle of arrival (AoA) and phase difference of arrival (PDoA) characterisation.

Test & Measurement
1st June 2021
Duo deliver automated UWB test solution

A collaboration between Rohde & Schwarz and Colby Instruments, has provided the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) ecosystem with an extremely accurate test solution for angle of arrival (AoA) and phase difference of arrival (PDoA) characterisation.

Test & Measurement
20th May 2021
Midrange 5G test with high-bandwidth benchtop solutions

Rohde & Schwarz has announced that it is bringing laboratory performance to large-scale RF application development with the R&S SMM100A vector signal generator and the R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyser benchtop solutions.

Test & Measurement
19th May 2021
Passenger security scanners for Heathrow Airport

Rohde & Schwarz has announced that it has been chosen to supply the R&S QPS201 Quick Personnel Security scanners to Heathrow Airport, reducing wait times for passengers and enhancing security checkpoints.

Test & Measurement
11th May 2021
Test solution for 5G voice over NR (VoNR) service

The test solution from Rohde & Schwarz is based on the tried and tested R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester for 2G/3G/LTE and WLAN. The test scope for 5G NR can be upgraded with the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester, allowing 5G NR devices to be tested in both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) TDD and FDD mode.

Test & Measurement
30th April 2021
Drive test scanners for 5G network optimisation

China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have selected the R&S TSME6 drive test scanner from Rohde & Schwarz for their 5G network deployment and optimisation efforts. Rohde & Schwarz China and Zhuhai DingLi have jointly won the three tenders for each operator’s centralised procurement projects over the past months, thanks to the scanner’s superior performance.

Test & Measurement
29th April 2021
5G RRM FR2 conformance tests with R&S TS-RRM-NR system

Conformance tests are vital for mobile communications technology as mobile network operators worldwide rely on the GCF conformance certification to accept mobile devices in their networks. The availability of validated RRM conformance tests in both FR1 and FR2 frequency bands is crucial for a successful rollout of 5G NR technology worldwide.

Test & Measurement
29th April 2021
NGA100 brings linear accuracy to basic power supply

Simply providing DC electricity is the purpose of a basic power supply, the piece of test equipment most commonly found on workbenches around the world. The R&S NGA100, a new series of basic power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz, goes beyond this requirement and brings a performance level and extra functions not usually associated with this instrument class.

Test & Measurement
27th April 2021
Enhanced Ethernet and InfiniBand compliance testing

Test and measurement specialist Rohde & Schwarz and the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) have extended their ongoing collaboration to expand Ethernet and InfiniBand compliance testing.

Test & Measurement
22nd April 2021
NGA100 brings linear accuracy to basic power supply

Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its range of basic power supplies with the new R&S NGA100 series. The R&S NGA100 is available in four models, providing a choice of single and dual outputs with up to 35V/6 A per output, or 100V/2 A per output. Single output models supply up to 40W, dual output models up to 80W power. The dual model outputs can be combined to provide up to 200V or 12A.

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