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Rohde & Schwarz is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment. Our products set standards in research, development, production and service. As a key partner of industry and network operators, we offer a broad spectrum of market-leading solutions for the newest wireless technologies as well as for RF and microwave applications up to 500 GHz.

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3rd March 2021
Rohde & Schwarz joins the FiRa Consortium

Rohde & Schwarz has joined the FiRa Consortium as an associate member. FiRa, short for ‘fine ranging’, is an organisation dedicated to growing the UWB ecosystem by ensuring interoperability between multiple devices through compliance and certification programs.

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16th February 2021
Rohde & Schwarz boosts power range with new SMUs

Rohde & Schwarz is continuing its mission to meet all test and design engineers demands with a new range of source measure units (SMUs)

Test & Measurement
15th February 2021
SMM100A vector signal generator for 5G and WiFi 6E

Manufacturers of 5G devices wishing to test the whole frequency range possible, expect to do so with a single signal generator for both 5G NR FR1 and FR2 frequencies. The new R&S SMM100A vector signal generator meets this need, displaying RF characteristics across the entire frequency range from 100MHz to 44GHz.

11th February 2021
QPS201 quick personnel scanner installed at Kerry Airport

Rohde & Schwarz has installed a personnel scanner at Kerry Airport, Farranfore, Ireland, delivering technology that enables a high throughput, enhanced security, and increased safety for airport customers and staff. The airport has chosen the latest model, the latest generation R&S Quick Personnel Security (QPS) QPS201 launched earlier in 2020, becoming the first Rohde & Schwarz security scanner installation in Ireland.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2021
Trigger and decode for 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet

The flexibility of automotive Ethernet makes the simple twisted-pair network technology well suited for an ever-increasing range of in-vehicle networks. In order to verify, commission and troubleshoot designs based on an automotive Ethernet communication link, it is important to have an instrument that is capable of not only measuring and verifying compliance to the standards but also decoding the messages and reliably triggering on them.

Test & Measurement
2nd February 2021
Analyser delivers test solution for bandwidth hungry FMCW radars

FMCW radars are extremely wideband at the analogue transmitting and receiving ends. Until recently, the up to 4GHz analysis bandwidths necessary for their validation were only available in oscilloscopes. Now they are also available in the R&SFSW signal and spectrum analyser. Unlike the Uhnder RoC, which was the first automotive radar to use digitally modulated signals, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radars are state of the art.&nb...

Events News
2nd February 2021
Rohde & Schwarz unveils EMC conference program

Rohde & Schwarz has published the program for Demystifying EMC 2021, happening for the first time as an all-digital event.E

Test & Measurement
28th January 2021
Software option enhances automotive radome tester

Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its R&S QAR quality automotive radome tester, a tailored solution for radar integration testing to analyse and evaluate the radar compatibility of radomes and bumpers.

Test & Measurement
26th January 2021
MmWave test capability added to vector signal generator

The R&S SMM100A vector signal generator from Rohde & Schwarz has been enhanced with mmWave testing capabilities.

News & Analysis
26th January 2021
Irish airport chooses Rohde & Schwarz security scanner

Ireland’s first Quick Personnel Security (QPS) scanner has been installed by Rohde & Schwarz at Kerry Airport, Farranfore.

21st January 2021
Power sensors ramped up to 67 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has increased the maximum measurable frequency of its three-path diode power sensors to 67 GHz.

20th January 2021
Rohde & Schwarz, ADL step up radar test collaboration

Described as a “game-changing solution”, Rohde & Schwarz and AVL have intensified their collaboration with the integration of a Rohde & Schwarz radar test system into the AVL DRIVINGCUBE toolchain.

Test & Measurement
18th January 2021
PTCRB validates Rohde & Schwarz IMS test cases for 5G NR

Rohde & Schwarz says it can offer the first validated IMS conformance test cases for 5G NR that can be used for certification testing according to PTCRB.

Test & Measurement
12th January 2021
26.5 GHz handheld vector network analyser

The R&S ZNH is a full two-port handheld vector network analyser up to 26.5 GHz with cable and antenna analysis and full S-parameter measurements from Rohde & Schwarz.

Events News
7th January 2021
Rohde & Schwarz rolls out RF test solutions at EuMW

Rohde & Schwarz will welcome visitors to a lavishly designed virtual trade show booth at the virtual European Microwave Week (January 10-15).

6th January 2021
Ensuring performance of connected home electronic products

Naseef Mahmud of Rohde & Schwarz describes a systematic approach on how to perform radiated proximity wireless coexistence testing on a product in its final form - a new form of testing that is slowly picking up pace in popularity, as it not only helps manufacturers testing compliance, but could also double as an end-of-line functionality test.

18th December 2020
Over-the-air test is successful in sub-THz range

Academia and key industry players have identified the D-Band, ranging from 110 GHz to 170 GHz, as a candidate frequency band for beyond 5G and 6G mobile communications as well as for future automotive radar applications. Rohde & Schwarz and IHP have characterisd D-band frequencies in over-the-air test setup for 6G and automotive radar

Events News
15th December 2020
Demystifying EMC to go virtual in February 2021

Rohde & Schwarz has announced that the seventh edition of its Demystifying EMC conference will go virtual, offering participants the opportunity to engage with industry experts through Europe and beyond.

Test & Measurement
2nd December 2020
Successful complete solutions from Rohde & Schwarz

With a typical engineer’s bench in mind, Rohde & Schwarz has created a new promotion, building on its successful campaign from last year. Under the motto ‘Full Bench. High Value.’ customers can purchase for a limited time an even wider selection of fully equipped entry-level T&M instruments, pre-configured with all options at competitive package prices.

Test & Measurement
30th November 2020
MultiGBASE-T1 compliance test verified to TC9 specs

Automotive applications such as ADAS are driving in-vehicle network speeds higher, bringing a challenge to car manufacturers and component suppliers to ensure correct performance of the communication channel and avoid EMI issues. The TC9 group of the OPEN Alliance has released the first version of a specification for testing components, link segments and the entire Ethernet channel for fully-shielded 1000BASE-T1 and 2.5/5/10GBASE-T1.

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