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Compact tactical grade IMU features precision and stability

20th October 2016
Alice Matthews

At the Commercial UAV Show (19th-20th October, stand 27) in London, UK, Analog Devices has introduced a tactical grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) featuring precision and stability in the smallest, lightest and lowest power solution available. The high-performance ADIS16490 IMU paves the way for high-accuracy navigation, guidance, and positioning. 

It is suitable for applications ranging from aviation and unmanned systems to machine control and precision instrumentation to smart munitions, which were previously impossible due to prohibitive size or cost barriers. This device delivers the performance expected from legacy solutions that are three times larger and more weight, at a fraction of the overall cost and power. It finally brings tactical grade stability to applications other than those with unlimited budgets.

Key features:

  • Tactical grade in-run bias stability of 1.8°/hour and 3.6 micro-g
  • Lowest angular random walk (0.09°/root-hr ) and velocity random walk (0.008m/sec/root-hr)
  • Factory calibration on every device, across temperature, providing extremely tight tempcos of 24ppm/°C (gyro) and 16ppm/°C (accelerometer)
  • High level of immunity to vibration (0.005°/sec/g) and shock (2000g) over extended temperature range

The ADIS16490 represents Analog Devices’ most advanced IMU, leveraging years of system-level experience and ADI’s best performing angular rate and linear acceleration MEMS cores combined with precision calibration, sensor filtering, and fusion. As a result of this advanced level of integration, engineers now have a product that offers the lowest gyro angular random walk and accelerometer velocity random walk to help eliminate jitter in stabilisation feedback loops, as well as maintain low positional drift in navigation applications where a carefully balanced combination of low noise, tight alignment, vibration immunity, and wide bandwidth (480Hz Gyro, 750Hz Accel) provide the lowest total error for the most challenging system implementations.

ADI will be sampling two variants of the ADIS16490 IMU by the end of 2016. The ADIS16495 and ADIS16497 IMUs will offer greater dynamic range options, which translate into improved design flexibility and broader application reach for system developers.

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