The Gadget Show celebrates 20th anniversary

11th June 2024
Paige West

In a celebration of its 20th anniversary this June, The Gadget Show is back with a fresh twist.

Original presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury have reunited to launch The Gadget Show Podcast, a fun new series that delves into the latest in tech and gadgets. The duo guides listeners through hands-on reviews, tech trends, and engaging interviews with special guests. It’s The Gadget Show 2.0, and it’s time to put the band back together!

The Gadget Show Podcast kicked off with Suzi and Jason getting their hands on the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, delivering an in-depth review of 2024’s hottest gadget. They were joined by Pete Jenkinson, the world’s only Toyologist, to discuss the latest trends in the toy industry and the impact of technology on toys.

Additionally, they tested Dyson’s innovative Zone Air Purifying headphones, heat-sensing binoculars, an instant camera, a selfie drone, the Prinker tattoo printer, the Numskull Space Invaders Quarter Arcade, and Meta’s Quest 3. They were also joined by presenter Dallas Campbell, who reflected on his time on the show and his career in science and space television.

Suzi and Jason are bringing back all the fun of The Gadget Show with a modern twist, exploring the forefront of technology and innovation. Upcoming episodes will include an interview with ChatGPT’s latest update, GPT-4o, a deep dive into the latest Formula One video game, F1 24, with its creator, and discussions on the latest portable TV from LG and headphones from Bose.

Speaking on her return, Suzi Perry says: “I am so happy to be bringing back the show in a podcast format to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. We will be looking all the latest gadgets and innovative tech for listeners and also have a lot of laughs along the way.”

Jason Bradbury adds: “I love being back with Suzi and talking about all things gadget and tech. Having a podcast is the perfect evolution of the series as we can react fast with news and the latest gadgets and keep listeners bang up to date with reviews.”

Listen to The Gadget Show Podcast for all the latest from the world of gadgets, trends, and tech talk here:




The podcast is also available to watch via The Gadget Show’s YouTube channel:

Since its debut in 2004, The Gadget Show has been a staple of tech enthusiasts' viewing, captivating audiences with its in-depth reviews, exciting challenges, and charismatic presenters. Now, the original team, including Executive Producer Ewan Keil and production company North One, brings the magic to a new podcast format, continuing the legacy of innovation and entertainment.

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