Yole Développement report on Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & Wafer-Level-Packaging

30th October 2012
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Yole Développement announces its Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & Wafer-Level-Packaging report. In this report, Yole Développement provides the 2011-2017 wafer forecast for wafer-level-packages as well as WLP equipment & materials market forecasts. Together with detailed WLP & other process flows/scenarios analysis, an Excel Database screening and profiling the activities of 375+ small, medium and large equipment & materials suppliers is delivered.
Equipment & materials suppliers of front-end and back-end areas are finding business opportunities in the « middle-end »

Demand for ‘mid-end’ tools and related materials is surging, thanks to the growth of 3DIC & Wafer-Level-packaging technologies such as 3D TSV, FO WLP, 3D WLP, WLCSP, 2,5D interposers and Flip-chip wafer bumping.

“The material market will grow from ~$590M this year to over $2B by 2017 with a CAGR of 24%, driven mainly by the expansion of 2,5D interposers and 3D TSV & WLP platforms,” explains Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging, at Yole Développement.

Also, the equipment market reached a value of ~$870M in 2011 with a CAGR of 28% fueled by the 3D IC technology with TSV interconnects, which represents one of the main emerging areas in the coming years; an area offering opportunities for new equipment modification and new materials development.

A slight decrease in 2012 is forecast, since manufacturers invested in equipment tools dedicated to the 3D TSV & WLP markets last year and high-volume production in 3D TSV, FO WLP, and 3D WLP has not started yet.

Market share for 3DIC/WLP: breakdown by equipment & materials

The materials market is diversified and segmented into several materials suppliers. Specialist material suppliers are involved and specialized in one specific sector.

However, the equipment market for 3D TSV & WLP applications is quite fragmented and diversified.

We can identify three main groups of equipment suppliers coming from different business markets:

• Large equipment suppliers coming from the semiconductor and front–end area who have expanded their business into the 3D TSV & WLP semiconductor business through acquisition of other companies.

• Equipment suppliers coming from niche application wafer processing markets with a broad product portfolio.

• “Specialist” equipment suppliers that have developed knowledge and expertise in very specific equipment lines.

The competitive landscape and market share for all main equipment & materials suppliers is quantified and detailed in this report.


Complete technologies update for each type of equipment & material used in 3D TSV & WLP applications

“The wafer-level-packaging market remains a huge business opportunity and shows the greatest potential for significant future growth in the semiconductor industry,” adds Jérôme Baron, Business Unit Manager, Advanced Packaging, at Yole Développement.

Technologies related to equipment & materials used for different process flows are included in this report.

All key scenarios are analyzed, including flip-chip wafer bumping trends, Fan-in WLCSP, 3D WLP, FOWLP, 2.5D silicon interposers, and 3DIC Via Middle & Via Last processes.

Analysis on the “Via first” process flow is detailed in this report as well.

Database with 375+ key equipment & materials suppliers for 3DIC/WLP

Yole Développement database is consistently updated with new information on key equipment & materials suppliers.

Along with the new research presented in this updated report, Yole Développement delivers an Excel database which screens and profiles the detailed activity of more than 375+ small, medium and large equipment & materials suppliers coming from either the Front-end, Back-end assembly, PCB, LCD or Solar industries, and providing actual solutions for the 3DIC and wafer-level-packaging toolbox.

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