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10th August 2020
Camera module industry: proliferation and diversification

“At Yole Développement (Yole), we expect the volume of global camera module shipments to expand from 5.5 billion units in 2019 to 8.9 billion in 2025, at 8.2% CAGR”, said Richard Liu, Technology and Market Analyst, Photonics and Sensing at Yole.

11th May 2020
ADAS: Rebirth for the automotive industry

At Yole, analysts estimate, the global market for radars, cameras, LiDARs and computing ADAS should reach $8.7bn in 2020. Almost half of this market revenue will be generated by radars with $3.8bn, followed by cameras with $3.5bn. LiDARs will not be significant, accounting for$0.04bn and computing ADAS will generate $1.4bn.

20th April 2020
Automotive lighting: from vision to driving assistance

“Autonomous vehicle technologies have a direct impact on traditional vehicles market and behind that the automotive lighting industry,” said Martin Vallo, PhD., Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-state Lighting at Yole Développement (Yole). 

6th April 2020
Sensors are at the heart of robotic mobility disruption

“Disruption is coming to our streets and cities” said Pierre Cambou, Principal analyst, Imaging, at Yole. “Mobility has defined the way humans have organised their society for ages and our world is currently being reimagined around a new generation of robotic vehicles. They appeared insignificant two years ago when we published our first report on the matter, today they are on the brink of changing the world as we know...

23rd January 2020
Is AI changing the rules for medical imaging?

“AI has the potential to change all of our diagnostics and treatment procedures to enable more personalised and effective medicine,” said Marjorie Villien, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst, Medical & Industrial Imaging at Yole Développement (Yole). Here, Yole analyses how AI is changing medical imaging.

21st January 2020
Electrification: another (r)evolution for the automotive sector?

“The automotive industry is facing a downturn in car sales - this is accepted reality,” asserted Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea. “The industry’s difficulties are partly linked to the political tension between China and US, Brexit and the severe ecological regulations in Europe.” These occurrences are global drivers that the automotive industry ...

6th January 2020
RF components market to be shaken by active antenna systems

“The RF FE market for telecom infrastructure is estimated to be worth $1.47bn in 2018 and is forecasted to reach $2.52bn in 2025,” announced Antoine Bonnabel, Technology and Market Analyst, RF Electronics at Yole Développement. “This industry will see an unexpected growth thanks to the penetration of higher cost active antenna systems, leading to 8% CAGR between 2018 and 2025.”

17th December 2019
Disposable image sensors: a revolution for next-gen sequencing

“Microscopy & NGS markets are undergoing enormous technological changes,” announced Marjorie Villien, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “These innovations are opening the way for new business opportunities, especially within the camera image sensors industry.” Indeed, one of the most remarkable changes is the introduction of disposable image sensors within the cameras f...

12th December 2019
Power GaN achieves its first milestone

Due to a reverse engineering and costing report performed by System Plus Consulting‘s team, GaN-on-Sapphire HEMT Power IC by Power Integrations, the power electronics industry discovered with surprise the use of GaN within an Anker’s wall charger. “Beyond Anker and its innovative GaN-based charger, we clearly see today a shift of the power electronics & compound semiconductor industry,” commented Ezgi Do...

Artificial Intelligence
9th December 2019
The voice at the heart of new audio system applications

According to Alexis Debray, PhD. Technology and Market Analyst, Optoelectronics from Yole Development, VPA is the main driver for the audio industry today. Dimitrios Damianos, PhD. Technology and Market Analyst Photonics, Sensing and Display at Yole also said: “An interesting feature of this new application is that it spreads through various systems: smartphones, smart speakers, smart watches, wireless earbuds, cars, smart TVs and...

Artificial Intelligence
17th September 2019
The unusual ecosystem of image and vision for AI

Yohann Tschudi, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole), said “AI has completely disrupted hardware in vision systems, and has had an impact on entire segments.” A good example, is the penetration of Mobileye within the automotive market segment. 

3rd July 2019
Applications are driving the long-term growth of memory

Despite some cyclicality and seasonality, the stand-alone memory market has experienced extraordinary growth over the past decade. This has been driven by important megatrends, such as mobility, cloud computing, AI, and IoT.

2nd July 2019
Medical-grade devices vs. consumer wearables

  Smartphone ubiquity, sensor miniaturisation, and ease of integration have increased the number of wearable products on the market, to the point where such products are now achieving performance levels suitable for medical use-cases. But how will medical wearables make patients healthier - and why now?

1st April 2019
The camera module industry, a dynamic ecosystem

The camera module industry has reached a new stage in its development. With $27.1bn of global revenues generated in 2018, the market maintains a 9.1% CAGR for the next five years. This industry, which covers image sensors, lenses, voice coil motors, illuminators and camera assemblies, is showing an impressive $45.7bn market by 2024. 

13th March 2019
Automotive leading the way in AI

In 2018, only robotic vehicles could claim to possess in-car AI. The associated computing market, driven by computers equivalent to what is found in datacenters and associated with rather low volumes, brought the computing market to $156m in 2018. Over the next ten years, with the development of robo-taxis and shuttles, this market will remain the main revenue generator for AI in automotive.

15th February 2019
Advanced packaging at the heart of innovation

The semiconductor industry showed impressive figures in 2017; +21.6% YoY growth to reach about $412bn. Without a doubt, the industry is entering a new age, where innovation and disruption are the key words. In addition to mobile, Yole Développement (Yole) analysts identified emerging mega-drivers that are step by step changing our world.

11th February 2019
microLED displays closer to commercialisation

As reported in Yole Développement (Yole) ‘microLED Displays 2018 report’, microLED Display technologies are improving rapidly. The report underlines the progresses made over the 18 month period preceding its release, nevertheless, many challenges remain. Last month, a variety of companies presented new microLED displays prototypes at Las Vegas CES.

11th February 2019
Power GaN: Who is part of the playground?

Eight years have passed since the first commercialised power GaN device. People in the power electronics industry are becoming increasingly familiar with the names of startups that are actively promoting GaN technology. Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), GaN Systems, Transphorm or Navitas, in addition to the power electronics leaders, are also highly involved in the development of GaN technology. 

30th January 2019
A virtuous cycle in the uncooled IR sensing market

Reportedly, 2018 could be the year when the uncooled infrared imager and detector market reaches a tipping point with the involvement of big companies. As a consequence, the industry is showing impressive volumes and CAGR. They announced an annual growth of seven percent in value over the 2018-2024 period. 

2nd January 2019
Wireless charging expecting a boost from the smartphone industry

“The way consumers charge their smart devices is about to drastically change,” asserted Antoine Bonnabel, Technology and Market Analyst and part of the Yole Développement’s Power and Wireless team. According to the ‘Wireless Charging Technologies and Markets 2018’ report, the wireless smartphone charging systems market is expected to surpass one billion units per year by 2024. 

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