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Supervisors with programmable voltage trip points

1st March 2007
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Intersil’s ISL88016 and ISL88017 supervisors offer pin-selectable voltage trip points along with popular functions such as power-on reset (POR) control, supply voltage supervision, and manual reset assertion in a small 6-pin TSOT package. Both supervisors are designed for low power consumption as well as high threshold accuracy and are especially suitable for portable and battery-powered applications.
The supervisors have the unique feature of allowing users to program the voltage trip point from 1.60V to 2.85V in 50mV increments on the ISL88016, and from 2.15V to 4.65V in 100mV increments on the ISL88017. Trip point selection is made by connecting the three VSET pins to VDD, GND or floating. By allowing users to select from 26 different VTRIP voltages on each device, the same supervisor part can be used on different platforms and projects without the need to qualify a different part when a custom voltage trip point is needed.
The ISL88016 and ISL88017 supervisors help to monitor a critical supply voltage and assert reset during low voltage conditions so that the main system components such as the microprocessor or microcontroller do not operate with insufficient voltage. Therefore, the supervisors help to ensure more reliable system operation.
The potential applications for the ISL88016/7 span portable battery-powered devices and medical monitoring equipment to industrial control and factory automation systems. The ISL88016 and ISL88017’s combination of small package size, low power consumption, and adjustable VTRIP that does not need additional external components or software, makes them versatile general-purpose power products.
The ISL88016 and ISL88017 are available now in a 6-lead TSOT package.

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