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10th November 2017
Quad power supply sequencers drive PoL regulators are radiation-hardened

  The ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH quad power supply sequencers from Intersil are radiation-hardened to drive PoL regulators in FPGAs and multi-rail power systems.

11th October 2017
Single-chip voltage regulator uses USB Type-C connector

Subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, Intersil, has announced what it claims to be the industry’s first buck-boost voltage regulator for tablets, ultrabooks, power banks, and other mobile devices using the reversible USB Type-C connector. The ISL95338 bidirectional voltage regulator accepts input power from a wide range of DC power sources - AC/DC power adapters, USB power delivery (PD3.0) ports, travel adapters, power banks - and convert...

Aerospace & Defence
5th October 2017
Radiation tolerant ICs to power small satellite constellations

  Intersil has announced the first three members of its new family of radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs designed to support the emerging field of small satellites that will provide solutions such as high speed Internet connections to hundreds of millions of users in communities, governments, and businesses worldwide.

13th September 2017
Industry’s first 15A, 42V analogue power module

A subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, Intersil, has announced the first 42V single-channel DC/DC step-down power module that delivers up to 15A of continuous current. The ISL8215M operates from a single wide input voltage range that includes industry standard 12V, 18V, and 24V intermediate bus power rails.

29th August 2017
High-speed bus transceivers for IIoT networks

Subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, Intersil, has announced two new high-speed, isolated RS-485 differential bus transceivers that provide 40Mbps bidirectional data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. The ISL32741E offers 1,000VRMS working voltage and 6kV of reinforced isolation, which it claims to be more than 2x higher than competitive solutions. The higher working voltage and reinforced isolation is required for tod...

Artificial Intelligence
12th July 2017
LCD processor instantly displays rearview camera live video

Subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, Intersil, has announced the TW8844 LCD video processor that interfaces with the latest generation of automotive SoCs. The highly integrated TW8844 is the first high-definition (HD) 1080p LCD video processor with analogue video decoder, two scalers and MIPI-CSI2 SoC interface, and builds on Intersil’s automotive video leadership in infotainment and display systems.

17th May 2017
Highly integrated PMIC delivers 91% efficiency

Subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, Intersil, has introduced a highly integrated programmable power management IC (PMIC) that delivers 91% efficiency at 1.1V output voltage for application processors, GPUs, FPGAs and high-performance system power. The new PMIC’s low RDS(on) MOSFETs and programmable PWM frequency allows designers to use fewer low-profile external components, enabling a 50mm2 power-supply that the company claims is 40% sm...

26th April 2017
Battery and charger solutions move e-bike into a new gear

  Europe’s enthusiasm for the clean environment and energy efficiency apparently makes the electric bicycles or e-bikes a poster child of the shift from mechanical to electronic control systems. However, what’s new in the e-bike story is that China is now only issuing new licenses for e-bikes while putting an end to the permits for gas-powered bicycles.

10th April 2017
Buck regulators step down 12V rails to 0.6V POL inputs

Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas, has introduced five synchronous buck regulators that step-down 12V rails to POL inputs as low as 0.6V for MCUs, FPGAs, memory & peripheral I/Os. The latest members of the ISL850xx family, the ISL85014, ISL85012, ISL85009, ISL85005A & ISL85005, deliver 14A, 12A, 9A and 5A of continuous output current, respectively, to industrial computers & PLCs as well as telecom, T&M, server & storage networ...

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4th April 2017
12V sync buck regulator delivers up to 14A

Find out how Intersil’s high efficient, compact 12V synchronous buck regulator family can meet your power requirements for 12V rails in Industrial and Infrastructure applications.

14th March 2017
Multi-cell battery pack monitor ensures safe operation

Intersil has announced the ISL94202 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor that supports Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and other battery chemistries used in applications such as vacuum cleaners, lawn equipment, handheld power tools, e-bikes, scooters, toys and energy storage systems. Li-ion batteries are smaller, weigh less and deliver longer battery life than other battery chemistries, but require monitoring and protection for safe use.

14th February 2017
Transceiver offers industry-leading EMI and CMTI

Intersil announced the industry’s smallest isolated RS-485 differential bus transceiver designed to provide 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for IIoT networks. The high-speed ISL32704E delivers industry-leading electromagnetic interference (EMI) and common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) in a small 4mm x 5mm QSOP package that is 70% smaller than competitive devices. It also provides 600VRMS of working voltage, which is approximately 50%...

18th January 2017
Battery charger offers the industry’s lowest leakage current

Intersil announced the ISL78693, a 3.6V single-cell battery charger that extends the life of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in automotive emergency call (eCall) systems. The ISL78693 battery charger offers up to 4x lower leakage current (3uA) than competitive chargers, allowing the eCall backup battery to remain charged for a longer period of time. See a demonstration of the ISL78693 in Intersil’s booth #E30-11 at the Autom...

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12th December 2016
Why this snowflake reference design should be on your wish list

Just in time for the holidays, you can get a Limited Edition 2016 Snowflake Ornament reference design to celebrate.

15th November 2016
Six-phase bidirectional controller for automotive systems

The industry’s first six-phase bidirectional PWM controller has been shipped by Intersil Corporation, designed to perform buck and boost power conversions between 12 and 48V automotive buses. A single automotive-grade ISL78226 delivers up to 3.75kW at greater than 95% conversion efficiency, and is able to interleave in a modular architecture to deliver higher power. 

11th November 2016
Expansion of the buck-boost battery charger family

Intersil introduced two new USB-C buck-boost battery chargers that support bidirectional power delivery in ultrabooks, tablets, power banks and other mobile products. The single-chip ISL9238 and ISL9238A battery chargers replace competitive two-chip solutions to reduce customer BOM costs by up to 40%. Both ICs employ Intersil’s patented R3 modulation technology to extend battery life and deliver acoustic noise-free operation, superior light...

7th November 2016
Industry’s first 6-phase bidirectional DC/DC controller

A provider of innovative power management and precision analogue solutions, Intersil, has announced it is shipping the industry’s first 6-phase bidirectional PWM controller designed to perform buck and boost power conversions between 12 and 48V automotive buses. 

31st October 2016
Multiphase PWM controllers with AVSBus

Intersil announced 12 digital multiphase controllers and a companion smart power stage, including the industry’s first digital solution with an Adaptive Voltage Scaling Bus (AVSBus). The new digital controllers provide up to seven phases assignable in any combination across two outputs, and combine with smart power stages to provide a scalable solution from 10A to 450A. The result is enhanced power optimisation and more energy-efficient net...

Artificial Intelligence
7th October 2016
Gamma buffer enables bright, high-contrast LCD displays

A provider of innovative power management and precision analogue solutions, Intersil, has announced the industry’s lowest power 14-channel programmable gamma buffer for automotive TFT-LCD displays. The automotive-grade ISL76534 delivers the highest accuracy gamma calibration to ensure consistent brightness and colour matching of every LCD panel inside a vehicle. 

Artificial Intelligence
19th September 2016
360° birds-eye image quality for advanced driver assistance systems

A provider of innovative power management and precision analogue solutions, Intersil, has announced the industry’s first four-channel analogue video decoder with MIPI-CSI2 output interface that supports the latest generation of SOCs and application processors used in automotive around view systems.

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