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Caravan Alarm System Controlled by LPRS Wireless Keyfob and Receiver Module

1st March 2013
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LPRS, Europe’s leading supplier of short-range radio devices is supplying their Duet wireless Keyfob and RX3 AM receiver module control to state-of-the-art alarm systems for caravan manufacturers and owners.
Manufactured in the UK by Keen Electronics the PROTECTOR TWO caravan alarm and light controller is an updated version of the original PROTECTOR alarm now fitted to thousands of Lunar Caravans. The LPRS keyfob offers users the ability to turn the alarm system on and off and also an external awning light for additional security. The keyfob also features a panic alarm function in response to requests from caravan owners who travel abroad.

The alarm system is very simple to use as the keyfob buttons are clearly marked for their specific functions; ALARM and LIGHT, removing the need for ambiguous pictograms. Simplicity of use is a key feature of both Keen Electronics and LPRS products.

The new LPRS Duet wireless Keyfob features recessed buttons to reduce the risk of accidental operation and a rolling code KeeLoq system encryption for improved security. Operating frequency is 433.92MHz with a transmit power of <+4dBm. Power is provided by a +12V lithium cell with an on-board low battery indicator. The keyfob has a plastic case and buttons, measures just 50x38x13mm and has LED light signalling when operated.

The LPRS RX3 AM receiver module features standard software supporting a total of 4 channels of independent control, RSSI output for measuring transmitter signal strength, two fully configurable control channels 1 and 2. (channels 3 and 4 non-configurable), rolling code KeeLoq encryption rates 200 and 400uS/bit and 4 configuration modes: Key fob registration, bistable, monostable and time registration monostable mode.

Other applications for LPRS keyfob wireless controllers and receivers include; security gates and bollards, vehicles, intruder alarms, light switching and domestic appliances.

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