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Low Power Radio Solutions have been trading for more than 25 years and are a market leader in the short range, licence free, wireless technology sector. LPRS design and manufacture radio modules for design engineers who need a quick, easy to use wireless link for their application or device.

Whatever your wireless application or product needs, LPRS guarantees first class support and customer service from initial contact, development and design through to production and beyond.

LPRS are proud to be a Microchip 'Design Partner Member', specialized in designing with Microchip products.

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11th August 2017
Wireless sensor hardware and connectivity make IoT easy

Identified system integrators and services providers have been deemed as having the greatest opportunity of all company types to deploy, use and generate revenue from IoT/M2M applications, according to LPRS CS. They are the feet-on-the-street with first-hand knowledge of the end use requirements, applications and end users and can therefore leverage this technology to the benefit of all.

24th July 2017
The IoT monitoring system that is Cloud connected

A new company has been established to provide systems integrators with Cloud-based end-to-end M2M and IoT monitoring solutions. Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS) a European provider of sub-1GHz wireless solutions, has created LPRS Connected Solutions. Nick Pummell, Managing Director of LPRS explained why. “LPRS developed their market leading easyRadio modules to overcome the problems our customers found with developing wireless com...

21st April 2016
Companies collaborate to supply IoT solutions

The RF (Radio Frequency) specialists LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions) has joined forces with SPICA Technologies to roll out LPRS’ Device to Cloud platform. This new partnership will enable LPRS to offer customers a complete end to end solution for those looking to implement smarter strategies as the world advances deeper into the age of connectivity, data and the IoT (Internet of Things).

20th April 2016
A complete end to enterprise solution for IoT

A new strategic partnership has been launched between LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions) and SPICA Technologies which will enable the former to offer its customers a complete end-to-end solution for those looking to implement smarter strategies as the world becomes increasingly connected and data driven by the IoT.

Tech Videos
11th January 2016
easyRadio, so easy a caveman can do it!

Many, many years ago… In the early days… … Radio modules were difficult to work with.

11th November 2015
Wireless modules agreement links LPRS, LinkLabs

The LoRarange of wireless modules and gateways from Washington, DC-based LinkLabs will be distributed by LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions) under a new agreement between the two companies. Link Labs has developed novel methods for communicating with multiple wir­­­eless devices at long range, and with low power consumption using the LoRanetworking protocol LoRaWAN.

Events News
14th October 2015
IQRF wireless Mesh network modules to be displayed at Motiv8

LPRS will be presenting for the first time their recently FCC and IC approved platinum eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) module at the latest Motiv8 Technical Forums. Also on display will be the very robust range of Circuit Design ISM modules and the updated range of IQRF wireless Mesh network modules, both available from LPRS.

5th October 2015
easyRadio transceivers are now FCC & IC approved

  LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions) has now gained FCC & IC approval for its easyRadio Integrated Controller transceiver module, eRIC9-FCC, approving its use in the USA and Canada therefore removing this complex approval process for OEMs.

20th August 2015
Transceiver module targets telemetry applications

The Circuit Design STD-601 400MHz transceiver module for telemetry, remote control and industrial applications is now available at LPRS. The advanced design has many innovative features including four frequency ranges conforming to various ISM bands available in the single device without sacrificing the superior performance of Circuit Design’s conventional RF modules.

26th May 2015
Nanosatellite to be launched into orbit

Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS) has announced that it is a product sponsor in support of the Warwickshire University Satellite (WUSat) Programme. The Warwickshire University Satellite Team, an undergraduate team now in its ninth year of operation, was in the beginning to complete six years of work as the electrical power subsystem team on ESA’s Moon Orbiting satellite (ESMO).

Events News
14th January 2015
IoT cloud services at Embedded World 2015

At Embedded World 2015, LPRS will be collaborating with ESL Smart Solutions, its new IoT cloud services partner. LPRS will have a model stairlift in action, as a practical demonstration of the use of the platform, showing the value of live data for alarm and predictive maintenance purposes being available to OEMs via the cloud.

5th November 2014
Transceiver meets industrial wireless connectivity demand

Designed to be integrated into industrial equipment, the Circuit Design STD-503 wireless transceiver has been released by LPRS. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the transceiver meets the growing demand for industrial wireless connectivity. The device, which has been developed for industrial applications that require stable and reliable operation, is designed to be embedded into OEM equipment.

Tech Videos
22nd August 2014
Designing for the Internet of Things

Hosted by Element14 and presented by Rick Winscot, this video highlights three common issues engineers face when designing for the Internet of Things (IoT) - cost, features and security!

31st July 2014
Wireless module is suited for sub 1GHz WiFi systems

Designed for use in all available frequency bands, power limits and broadcast standards worldwide, the eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) wireless module from LPRS provides IoT and other wireless control or communication system builders with an SoC fully integrated wireless controller. This enables a single device to be set to the local standard for legislation in the end user market.

16th July 2014
eRA module selected for real-time railway monitoring

Enabling users to predict failure of rotating components including wheel bearings and gearboxes on railway trains, Perpetuum has selected the LPRS easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules for a sensor system. The eRA 400TRS wireless modules have been designed into the rail sensor systems to reduce cost and installation time, as well as to improve reliability in the harsh environment underneath a train.

12th May 2014
Wireless controller for IoT sensor systems

LPRS offers the low cost, high security easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC) for Internet of Things (IoT) system builders. The system-on-chip fully integrated wireless controller is suitable for remote, battery powered sensor systems, offering designers seven power saving modes of operation to ensure maximum battery life of remote sensors.

27th February 2014
Controller enables secure over-air transmission for IoT

Providing IoT designers with secure over-air transmission, LPRS's easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC) is available with an AES 128 bit data encryption option. Available with operating frequencies for World Markets, the eRIC is just half the size and half the cost of the easyRadio range and can be set by users to operate in a number of low power modes offering current consumption as low as 32µA.

28th May 2013
LPRS Unveils Complete SoC Integrated Wireless Controller at Fortronic Wireless 2013

LPRS will be launching its new low cost easyRadio Integrated Controller – eRIC - at the Fortronic RF and Wireless Technical Forum on June 25th at the Williams F1 conference centre near Oxford. At half the size and half the cost of the long established and field proven easyRadio range, eRIC remains true to the easyRadio brand with many of the easyRadio features and benefits of eRA.

Wireless Microsite
1st March 2013
Caravan Alarm System Controlled by LPRS Wireless Keyfob and Receiver Module

LPRS, Europe’s leading supplier of short-range radio devices is supplying their Duet wireless Keyfob and RX3 AM receiver module control to state-of-the-art alarm systems for caravan manufacturers and owners.

21st February 2013
LPRS easyRadio Advanced Wireless Modules Chosen For Sports Training Timing System

LPRS has announced that they are supplying their market leading easyRadio Advanced wireless modules to Microgate for use in their new wireless athletics training timer – WITTY. The new Microgate WITTY has been designed as a portable, practical and precise athlete timing system which meets all the requirements of the latest training methods.

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