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LEON GSM/GPRS modules from u-blox achieve major certifications

5th October 2009
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The LEON G-100 and G-200 are optimized to work with u-blox’ GPS receivers to support low-cost, mass-market, location-aware telematics applications requiring mobile connectivity such as asset tracking, fleet management, road pricing, vehicle recovery and mobile emergency services such as eCall. They are also ideal for use in machine-to-machine telemetry systems for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Remote Monitoring Automation and Control (RMAC), surveillance and security, anti theft systems and Point of Sales (PoS) terminals.
u-blox announces that its LEON family of wireless GSM/GPRS modem modules has achieved major industry-standard telecom certifications based on the following standardization organizations:

* FCC: US Federal Communications Commission certification certifies compliance with US RF emissions requirements.

* IC: Certification and Engineering Bureau of Industry Canada provides a certification service for both radio and terminal equipment operating in Canada.

* PTCRB: the Personal Communication Service Type Certification Review Board, an independent organization with global membership providing GSM / UMTS Type Certification for mobile devices and components.

* R&TTE: the Radiocommunications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive, is a compliance regulation for Radio and Telecoms equipment that is sold in Europe.

* LEON has also demonstrated compliance with the Global Certification Forum (GCF) requirements.

“These certifications are a significant step towards establishing our LEON family of GSM/GPRS modules as industry standard, off-the-shelf wireless modems for the global M2M market. We are very satisfied with the evaluation results, and are proud to display the certificates as proof of the quality of our products.” said Thomas Seiler, CEO of u-blox.

In addition to these four certifications, country- and operator specific certifications are expected to be completed in various countries all over the world in the coming weeks.

A handy evaluation kit, the EVK-G25H, which also includes GPS functionality, is available from u-blox for evaluation of LEON.

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