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11th October 2021
u-blox ZED-F9T timing module in Facebook's open-source Time Card

u-blox has announced that Facebook has chosen the u-blox ZED-F9T GNSS receiver module for its timekeeping solution, Time Card, for communications industries such as 5G. The combination of the technologies is set to provide users access to nanosecond-level timing in communications technologies, including smart power grids.

31st August 2021
u-blox responds to the US FCC approval

u-blox has cautioned against negative impacts of the US FCC’s recent approval of the use of a previously protected portion of the L‑band for terrestrial communication on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS and, subsequently, on our large US customer base.  

28th July 2021
u-blox wins Chinese court ruling against Techtotop

u-blox has announced that the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court has ruled in favor of u-blox in separate copyright and patent infringement lawsuits the company filed against Techtotop Microelectronic Technology (TTT). The rulings found that TTT infringed on u-blox’s intellectual property in its TD1030 navigation chips and that TTT must pay damages (RMB 11 million).

14th July 2021
Dual-output automotive dead reckoning module launched

u-blox has introduced a series of automotive-grade dead reckoning modules for positioning that are operational up to 105°C. The NEO-M9L modules and the M9140-KA-DR chip are built on the robust u-blox M9 GNSS platform and use dead reckoning techniques to provide accurate position data when satellite signals are compromised or unavailable.

13th July 2021
Automotive positioning modules operational to 105°C

u-blox has introduced a series of automotive-grade positioning modules that are operational up to 105°C. The NEO-M9L modules and the M9140-KA-DR chip are built on the robust u-blox M9 GNSS platform and use dead reckoning techniques to provide accurate position data when satellite signals are compromised or unavailable.

13th July 2021
M.2 cards bring connectivity to evaluation boards

u-blox has introduced a set of WiFi 5, WiFi 6, and Bluetooth expansion M.2 cards that plug into NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX processor evaluation kits. The cards, which conform to the M.2 form factor, integrate u-blox modules powered by wireless SoCs from NXP.

6th July 2021
PointPerfect GNSS correction brings precise positioning

u-blox has announced the launch of its new PointPerfect location service. PointPerfect delivers an advanced GNSS augmentation data service designed from the ground up to be ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable, and immediately available.

29th June 2021
Bluetooth AoA explorer kits for precision positioning

u-blox has announced the release of two ‘explorer kits’ aimed at letting product developers evaluate the potential of Bluetooth direction finding and high precision indoor positioning.

22nd June 2021
Cycling computer uses u-blox M10

u-blox and iGPSPORT have announced the iGS320 cycling computer, which builds on the u-blox M10 positioning platform. The cycling computer leverages the u-blox M10 platform’s ultra-low power consumption, compact size, and its ability to track four global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) to offer endurance athletes a superior user experience. 

21st June 2021
Centimeter-level GPS sensor fusion for precise positioning

u-blox has released a firmware update for its ZED-F9R positioning module, bringing robust centimeter-level positioning to slow moving use cases such as robotic lawnmowers, e-scooters, and shared bicycles. Based on the ZED-F9R high-precision sensor-fusion module, the u-blox ZED-F9R-02B was designed for use in autonomous and industrial applications that require simple and efficient implementation and where rapid access to highly accurate positionin...

18th May 2021
Bluetooth 5.1 module mesh networking for massive IoT

u-blox has specified Nordic’s nRF52833 Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) System-on-Chip (SoC) to power its NINA-B4 stand-alone Bluetooth 5.1 modules. The small (10x15x2.2mm) Bluetooth LE/Bluetooth 5.1 MCU modules with open CPU architecture are optimised for, and can be supplied preinstalled with, Wirepas Massive (previously Wirepas Mesh), a decentralised large-scale mesh networking solution.

21st April 2021
LTE-M module with IoT Security-as-a-Service wins award

u-blox has announced that its ALEX-R5 LTE-M module with IoT Security-as-a-Service has received the 2021 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World.

13th April 2021
Extended reach of secure LTE-M NB-IoT module

u-blox has extended its SARA-R5 LTE-M and NB-IoT communications family with the introduction of a module that supports the 400 to 450MHz LTE spectrum bands available in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

8th April 2021
CloudLocate brings autonomy to constrained IoT devices

u-blox has introduced a service that offloads the position calculation from IoT devices into the cloud. The CloudLocate service will enable accurate positioning of even the simplest IoT devices with the most constrained computing, communications, and energy resources.

7th April 2021
u-blox and ArduSimple partner for SimpleRTK2B SBC

u-blox and ArduSimple have announced their partnership in the development of the SimpleRTK2B single-board computer (SBC). The device, which is built around up to three u-blox ZED-F9P high precision GNSS receivers, simplifies the development of centimetre-level positioning solutions supporting real time kinematics (RTK), making the technology accessible to broader audiences.

25th March 2021
Timing solutions based on L1 and L5 GNSS signals

u-blox has announced its first multi-band high accuracy timing solutions to concurrently support the L1 and L5 GNSS (global navigation satellite system) signals. The ZED-F9T-10B and LEA-F9T-10B timing modules, and the RCB-F9T-1 timing card deliver nanosecond-level timing accuracies required to synchronise cellular network base stations and smart power grids.

16th March 2021
How is technology transforming our hospitals?

With resources more constrained than ever before, healthcare providers are turning to tech to boost capacity and improve patient outcomes. Pelle Svensson, Market Development Manager, Product Center Short Range Radio, u-blox explains.

16th March 2021
Multiradio module released for combo applications

u-blox has announced the professional-grade u-blox MAYA-W1 WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 5 multiradio module. Based on NXP’s IW416 chip, the module is tailored to a wide range of fast-growing, future-oriented professional applications, such as power management, electric vehicle charging, professional appliances, tracking, telematics, and fleet management.

26th January 2021
ALEX-R5 integrates GNSS into a miniature SiP form factor

u-blox has announced the ALEX-R5, a miniature cellular module that integrates low power wide area (LPWA) connectivity and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology into an ultra-small system-in-package (SiP) form factor.

14th January 2021
F9 high precision GNSS technology for P7 smart EV

u-blox has announced that Xpeng Motors has selected u-blox F9 high precision GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) technology for use in its P7 super-long range sports EV sedan. u-blox F9 has been incorporated into the vehicle’s XPILOT 3.0 advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) used for navigation-guided driving, automated parking, and autonomous driving.

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