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16th March 2021
How is technology transforming our hospitals?

With resources more constrained than ever before, healthcare providers are turning to tech to boost capacity and improve patient outcomes. Pelle Svensson, Market Development Manager, Product Center Short Range Radio, u-blox explains.

16th March 2021
Multiradio module released for combo applications

u-blox has announced the professional-grade u-blox MAYA-W1 WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 5 multiradio module. Based on NXP’s IW416 chip, the module is tailored to a wide range of fast-growing, future-oriented professional applications, such as power management, electric vehicle charging, professional appliances, tracking, telematics, and fleet management.

26th January 2021
ALEX-R5 integrates GNSS into a miniature SiP form factor

u-blox has announced the ALEX-R5, a miniature cellular module that integrates low power wide area (LPWA) connectivity and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology into an ultra-small system-in-package (SiP) form factor.

14th January 2021
F9 high precision GNSS technology for P7 smart EV

u-blox has announced that Xpeng Motors has selected u-blox F9 high precision GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) technology for use in its P7 super-long range sports EV sedan. u-blox F9 has been incorporated into the vehicle’s XPILOT 3.0 advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) used for navigation-guided driving, automated parking, and autonomous driving.

Cyber Security
8th January 2021
u-blox SARA-R5 LTE-M modules honoured at CES 2021

u-blox has announced that its SARA-R5 LTE-M modules with IoT Security-as-a-Service have been distinguished as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree. The CES Innovation Awards program, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across 28 product categories.

3rd December 2020
u-blox signs deal with UK start-up for GNSS technology

u-blox has signed a deal with UK based technology company, Focal Point Positioning, to integrate technology that will improve the accuracy and reliability of GNSS devices - enhancing positioning performance and security for growing applications such as smart cities, location-secure IoT and health and fitness wearables.

25th November 2020
Drone swarm show enabled by u-blox technology

u-blox has announced that it supplied the high-accuracy technology that made it possible to fly a large drone swarm. The reportedly record-breaking simultaneous flight of 2198 miniature UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) was launched into the night sky over Saint Petersburg, Russia, on September 3rd. The ten-minute long drone show included a flying dove with a wingspan of 600 meters, which was visible from three kilometers away.

25th November 2020
Partnership for automotive telematics solution

u-blox and NetModule have announced their partnership in the development of modular, multifunctional gateways for automotive telematics applications. NetModule’s NG800 automotive gateway platform, available for various products, features the u blox TOBY-L2 cellular module, the u-blox NEO-M8L GNSS receiver, and in some products the u blox JODY-W1 WiFi module.

24th November 2020
Partnership for 4G-enabled connected safety wearable

u-blox has announced that Blackline Safety has selected u-blox technology for its latest 4G-enabled connected safety wearable. Blackline Safety’s G7c device is equipped with a u-blox LARA-R2 LTE Cat 1 module and an integrated ZOE-M8G GNSS receiver to ensure secure and reliable cellular communication and positioning.

10th November 2020
Ultra-low power positioning accuracy for wearables

u-blox has announced the u-blox M10, its latest highly integrated GNSS (global navigation satellite system) platform designed fully in-house for ultra-low power high-performance positioning applications. u-blox M10 provides highly accurate positioning performance in a wide range of wearable applications such as sport watches or asset and livestock trackers, all in an extremely compact format and with very long battery life.

3rd November 2020
Can 5G private networks boost industrial productivity?

The 5G mobile standard is being heavily marketed to consumers as enabling faster downloads, but it's industry that may have the most to gain. In part, this is due to 5G’s adaptation to the requirements of industrial digital transformation. It is about lower latency, higher reliability, the ability to provide connectivity to a much greater density of industrial sensors, localisation with higher precision down to sub-meter level indoors, and ...

28th October 2020
How WiFi 6 will enable smarter vehicles

Despite our obvious reliance on vehicles, manufacturers must continue to develop and embrace new technologies in order to remain competitive. As we move towards new ownership models, these differentiating factors will have an increasingly important influence on consumer choice.  Guest blog written by Fredrik Lönegård, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Peter Karlsson, Head of Technology, Product Center Short Range Radio u-blox

27th October 2020
u-blox brings smart altimeters to aerial athletes

u-blox has announced that its GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology is being used in a smart altimeter for skydivers, paragliders, wingsuit pilots and other aerial athletes. Dekunu Technologies’ Dekunu One SmartAlti is a body-worn altimeter that provides a similar quality of information about a user’s altitude and position in the sky as pilots receive in their cockpits.

21st October 2020
New paradigms in e-micromobility

To differentiate their offering in a fiercely competitive market, e-micromobility brands continuously refine their services to make them more convenient, satisfying, fun, and, ultimately, the best way to get from one place to another. But there’s a lot going on behind the scenes - a lot of complexity to manage - to create the illusion of simplicity needed for customers to return to the same brand again and again. In this blog post, we ...

16th October 2020
u-blox JODY-W2 multiradio module for iWave i.MX8 SOM

u-blox has announced that iWave Systems Technologies, an Indian-based hardware design firm, has selected the u-blox JODY-W2 multiradio module for its powerful i.MX8 system-on-module (SOM) and single-board computer (SBC) designs. The solutions target complex consumer, medical, and industrial embedded computing applications.

9th October 2020
How GPS tech is bringing atomic timing to industrial applications

How on earth, you might wonder, can GPS receivers use weak electromagnetic signals emitted from distant satellites to determine its position to within just a few meters (or even centimeters)? To a large extent, it’s because they are excellent timing devices that determine their position based on the time it takes for the satellite signals to reach them from orbit.

6th October 2020
u-blox security platform addresses LPWA IoT devices

u-blox has announced the commercial launch of its IoT Security-as-a-Service offering. Available on both the u-blox SARA-R4 and SARA-R5 series of LTE-M cellular IoT modules, this innovative solution makes it extremely simple to protect data from malicious third parties, both on the device and during transmission from the device to the cloud. Its out-of-the box, simple, secure, and cost effective onboarding process to leading cloud IoT platforms sp...

2nd October 2020
The tech that can make or break micromobility

Without reliable real time knowledge on the whereabouts of each individual e-scooter, e-bike, or e-motorcycle in a fleet, today’s platform-based business model in micromobility would simply fall apart. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single provider that doesn’t depend on satellite-based positioning information. As a result, micromobilty has, in just a few years, become a key market for GNSS receiver manufacturers.

29th September 2020
u-blox high performance NORA-B1 Bluetooth module

u-blox has announced the NORA-B1 Bluetooth module, the newest member of its short range radio portfolio. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s latest nRF5340 Bluetooth low energy chipset – hosting a powerful Arm Cortex M33 dual core MCU – NORA-B1 is designed to meet the needs of performance-oriented applications in areas such as industrial, medical, and smart building and smart city markets.

4th September 2020
u-blox Bluetooth 5 modules for track and trace wearables

u-blox has confirmed that its Bluetooth 5 modules are being built into wearable devices that are helping to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. Available as either a wristband or a pendant, the TDS 50 has been developed by Electronic Precepts to present a highly-effective track and trace solution, with data being directly stored on the device then periodically sent to a web server.

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