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Laird Technologies Licenses apt-X Audio Codec Technology for Use in Bluetooth Stereo Audio Modules

18th June 2010
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Laird Technologies, announced the licensing of apt-X audio codec technology for use in its Bluetooth BTM510/511 and BTM520/521 wireless stereo audio modules. apt-X technology optimizes the objective sound quality of stereo audio channeled over the 2.4GHz ISM band from Laird Technologies’ BTM510/511and BTM520/521 wireless modules. Each module incorporates the CSR BlueCore5 Bluetooth 2.1 system-on-a-chip which is used extensively in digital entertainment devices. Each module comes pre-configured with apt-X audio codec software, eliminating the need to program in extra firmware.
By enhancing our Bluetooth modules with apt-X audio codec technology, Laird Technologies is able to offer the best possible stereo audio quality for our wireless audio module designs,” said Carl Baker, Laird Technologies Director of Sales, Telematics & Wireless M2M. “There is a marked improvement in the sonic purity of Bluetooth stereo audio with apt-X programmed in.

Designed by APTX, an established and proven provider of industry-leading audio compression solutions to the broadcast, professional audio, and consumer electronics industries, apt-X transparently delivers full “wired” audio quality over Bluetooth links. The non-destructive coding techniques used means that the quality of the original source audio file, be that of a CD or a compressed format (MP3, AAC, FLAC), will be preserved over the Bluetooth A2DP link.

This strategic license agreement with Laird Technologies opens previously untapped Hi-Fi markets to apt-X stereo Bluetooth modules,” said Stephen Wray, APTX Vice President of Licensing. “The availability of Laird Technologies’ best-in-class Bluetooth modules pre-installed with apt-X enables high-end audio designers to deliver wireless, full-frequency bandwidth audio streaming, allowing for the richest possible stereo sound.

Laird Technologies is active in the wireless M2M market, offering the widest range of high-performance wireless modules utilizing Bluetooth technology, as well as integrated antennas and electronic components. The company’s broad selection of M2M products provides solutions for the automotive, telematics, healthcare, EPOS, retail, finance, and security, as well as asset management markets.

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