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Embedded RF modules designed for European use from Solid State Supplies

31st December 2008
ES Admin
Ideal for applications requiring maximum range performance in a wireless solution, the new XBee-PRO 868 embedded RF modules from Solid State Supplies are designed for the European 868MHz frequency band. Using an easy to configure point-to-multipoint networking protocol with RF ‘line of sight’ range beyond 40 kilometers, the XBee-PRO 868 is capable of 500 mW of EIRP and a -112 dBm receive sensitivity. In fact, Digi claim the XBee-PRO 868 is the most powerful XBee product ever offered despite its low power 3.0 to 3.6v operation.
The XBee family is available with different protocols to suit a variety of applications and networking topologies, supported protocols include IEEE 802.15.4, the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, proprietary long range and DigiMesh.

Based on a common software API, the modules, once deployed into an application, can be changed quickly and easily from one protocol to another with reduced development risk. The modules are compatible with Digi’s Drop-in Networking adapters, network extenders and gateways that use the same protocol. This allows OEMs to embed XBee solutions into an application and have seamless communication to other devices using USB, RS-232, RS-485, digital and analog I/O, Ethernet, WiFi and Cellular IP with plug-and-play ease. It also interfaces easily via an onboard UART.

Featuring 500 mW (+27 dBm) EIRP with +2 dBi antennas, -112 dBm receive sensitivity and up to 80 km RF LOS range with high gain antennas, the XBee-PRO 868 has an indoor range of 550m and benefits from over-the-air configuration, multiple antenna options and has an industrial temperature rating of -40º to +85º C.

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