Noise-cancelling technology selected for its stylish headphones

5th April 2017
Anna Flockett

AS3435 active noise cancellation IC from ams provides more than 28dB of noise attenuation and very low harmonic distortion in on-ear head-phones. The ams noise-cancelling technology is an integral component in the FIIL Diva Pro high-end headphones which recently won a CES 2017 Innovation Award.

The stylish Diva Pro headphones from FIIL offer an array of advanced features including touch control, motion sensing, My AudioFilter personalisation and storage capacity for audio content. The Diva Pro headphones also offer noise-cancellation capability, giving a comfortable, high-fidelity listening experience even in environments with high levels of ambient noise.

The high audio performance and the advanced design of the Diva Pro headphones won the admiration of a panel of expert judges at this year’s CES 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, earning honours in the Portable Media Players and Accessories category.

The Innovation Awards celebrate ‘outstanding product design, engineering, novel features, and user value in brand-new consumer technology products’.

The CES award provides independent validation of the efforts of FIIL’s core team, which consists of famous rock artist Wang Feng and experts with experience gained at prestigious headset makers and ODMs, to design and produce premium audio products that blend great sound, beautiful design and advanced technology.

The award-winning design of the Diva Pro headphones includes a noise-cancellation system based on the ams AS3435, an analogue Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) IC for stereo headsets which offers more than 28dB of ambient noise attenuation and generates total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1%.

The AS3435 feedback-mode ANC IC and the AS3415, a related product for the feed-forward topology, are ambient noise attenuation solutions chosen by most of the world’s manufacturers of noise-cancelling headphones and earphones.

In addition to supplying the AS3435 to FIIL, ams was also instrumental in enabling its integration into the Diva Pro’s system design. ams’ engineers worked in close collaboration with FIIL to perform accurate simulation and modeling of the Diva Pro’s mechanical design, enabling it to match the noise cancellation circuit’s operation to the headphones’ passive acoustic characteristics. 

Furthermore, ams and FIIL’s engineers jointly developed the headphones’ audio filter circuit to maximise noise attenuation while preserving high fidelity to the audio source.

“With its innovative approach to the user interface and commitment to excellent audio performance, FIIL is successfully disrupting the high-end noise-cancelling headphone market, which until now has been dominated by long-established western brands. The design capabilities of FIIL have now justifiably been honoured by the CES, and ams is proud to be associated with the success of FIIL’s Diva Pro product at the show”,  said Christian Feierl, Marketing Manager at ams.

“The FIIL brand stands for the very best in performance and design, and the brilliant noise-cancellation capability of the Diva Pro is an important part of its strong appeal to today’s savvy and demanding customers. In our view, ams offers the market’s leading noise-cancellation technology, and that’s why we chose the AS3435 IC for the Diva Pro,” said Leon Wu, CEO of FIIL.

The AS3435 ANC IC is available now in production volumes.

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