Robust and efficient wireless mesh communication

12th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

Radiocrafts’ ultra-low power long range Sub-GHz mesh network, RIIM, stands out for its robustness and efficiency in facilitating wireless communication across vast industrial environments.

Utilising IPv6 and Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) ensures scalability and enables devices that lack Ethernet or Wi-Fi capabilities to participate in the network, creating a simplified communication process.

This new application note, AN065: RIIM communication over IPv6 and SLIP, provides you with the necessary knowledge to navigate industrial mesh networking, detailing the path towards seamless integration and communication within this state-of-the-art technological framework.

In the application note we discuss the different prerequisites to establish and maintain effective communication within a RIIM network over IPv6 and SLIP. These prerequisites are crucial for ensuring data packets are correctly addressed and routed through the network to reach their intended destination without interference or loss.

The key requirements include:

Defining the correct:

  • Source UDP port: understand the application from which the data originated, enabling appropriate processing, and response.
  • Destination UDP port: facilitates seamless data exchange and interaction between specific applications across the network.
  • Destination address: ensure data packets are routed to the correct endpoint.
  • Flexible source address: aids in simplifying device configuration and facilitating dynamic IP addressing, enhancing the network's adaptability, and ease of use.

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